Sebelius a Poor Choice for HHS

Democrats are extremists on many issues including the issue of human health. Consider:


*They demand that all elderly people get every last treatment for every ailment, yet on the other extreme they support euthanasia and assisted suicide. Conservatives, on the other hand, oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide and believe that the elderly should receive prudent and cost-effective care, but not extreme care.


*Democrats demand that every child must have food, clothing, housing and medical care but then create child poverty by subsidizing single motherhood which statistically produces many more poor children than married females. Conservatives always have advocated marriage.


*Environmentalists and other liberal health fanatics run, bike, climb mountains and hike through the wilderness. Yet on the other extreme, liberals advocate sexual promiscuity and homosexuality which spread disease and death, while liberals support every last form of abortion including ‘birth abortion’ where a child is killed at the point of birth. If you would like to go to an internet page with a large volume of information about abortion and abortion laws, click here  


Now president Obama has nominated the very liberal Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius for secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Sebelius is a devout pro-abortion leftist which might leave you wondering how such a person can be put in charge of a federal agency with the world ‘health’ in it. Sebelius also is associated with a radical Kansas abortionist known as George ‘The Baby Killer’ Tiller who currently is being prosecuted on various charges relating to ‘birth abortion’.


Here’s a March 12, 2009 article about Tiller’s clinic from Operation Rescue:


Wichita, KS – Just four days before jury selection begins in late-term abortionist George R. Tiller’s criminal trial, a woman was transported to the emergency room by ambulance from Tiller’s abortion clinic, Women’s Health Care Services.


Sedgwick County ambulance number 23 left Tiller’s clinic at approximately 2:15 PM Central Daylight Time and transported a woman to Wesley Medical Center with no lights or sirens running. The patient was rushed into the emergency room with her head covered, leaving witnesses to wonder if she was alive or dead.


Tiller followed the ambulance to Wesley Medical Center and was dropped off by unlicensed “nurse” Cathy Reavis at an entrance on the east side of the building, out of sight from Operation Rescue staffers who were photographing the incident near the Emergency Room entrance.


Sebelius has little experience in health care. One of her big accomplishments is said to be the blocking of an insurance company merger in Kansas while insurance commissioner in 2001.


This is experience?!


Testifying before a Senate committee, Sebelius said she would seek to bring down health costs and move toward insuring all Americans. Yet every hospital emergency room already treats people whether they are insured or not. In Austin, Texas recently it was reveled that just nine people accounted for 2,678 emergency room visits in Central Texas during the past six years at a cost of $3 million.


The next question is: Why does every American deserve health insurance? Millions of the people without insurance are lazy, stupid, greedy, selfish, have no skills and no brains, they live off the government dole and they want everything given to them.


“Inaction is not an option. The status quo is unacceptable, and unsustainable,” said Sebelius about the current health delivery system. “Currently, there’s no relief in sight.”


Actually there has been relief in sight for decades. Here are three examples:


*During the 1990s, ‘managed care’ tempered insurance rate hikes dramatically. Under that system, insurance companies said that every person cannot get every treatment because it is too expensive, as conservatives have maintained all along. But liberals complained loudest. ‘Managed care’ was largely scrapped and the system has suffered enormously as a result.


*Liberals also could bring down health care costs rapidly by supporting reform of the tort system under which trial lawyers threaten every health-care professional, leading to sky-high malpractice insurance premiums and doubled-up and tripled-up treatments, tests and procedures to cover every base in the case of a legal challenge. But Democrats refuse to support reform because trial lawyer campaign contributions go exclusively to Democrats.


*Liberals also could restrain health-care unions like nurses, but they never do. The unions give their campaign contributions mostly to the Democrat party as they draw huge amounts of excess wealth out of the health-care system. And the Democrats favor the unions legislatively every step of the way.


Senator Edward Kennedy was one of the senators questioning Sebelius. Kennedy is suffering from brain cancer and said that “I’ve benefited from the best of medicine. But we have too many uninsured Americans.” Yet it is Kennedy’s own party that is refusing to back changes that would give health care to more people.


Here is an excerpt from the Kansans for Life website on Sebelius’ abortion record:


VETOED in 2003 abortion clinic licensing, which would have raised the standards for safety for women and sanitation to at least match those of veterinary clinics in Kansas.

LINE-ITEM VETOED in 2004 a budget provision for matching grants to crisis pregnancy/adoption referral centers. NOTE: Sebelius signed it the next year to soften public outrage  The pregnancy maintenance funds were restored by state legislators, but have been removed from the 2010 budget by Sebelius.

VETOED in 2005 abortion clinic licensing (same bill as 2003) despite a February 2005 death at Tiller’s and a rodent-infested clinic that kept fetal parts and open drugs in the staff refrigerator.

VETOED in 2006 a bill adding one question to the mandatory state abortion report to indicate whether abortion of a viable baby was being performed for a physical or mental health reason.

LINE-ITEM VETOED in 2007 a budget restriction to state health department (KDHE) unless viable abortion reporting included legitimate medical diagnoses.

VETOED in 2008 the Comprehensive Abortion Reform Act which took steps to prevent coerced abortions, gave injunctive relief for suspected illegal late term abortions and granted women the right to see an ultrasound if one was performed by the abortion facility.

REMOVED in 2009 pregnancy maintenance funds from the proposed 2010 budget.

In addition to her voting record and actions as Governor, Kathleen Sebelius has accepted, over the years many large contributions from infamous late-term Kansas abortionist George Tiller. Directly, the contribution total in the tens of thousands of collars; and indirectly in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In 2006 she recruited a Kansas District Attorney to run for (state attorney general). against the sitting (attorney general). who was investigating Tiller, for performing illegal late-term abortions. The candidate, Paul Morrison, stated he would drop the investigation and he won, largely because of $1.2 million dollars spent on his behalf by Tiller. Ironically, however, even though after he won, Morrison dropped Kline’s charges, he filed 19 of his own against Tiller based on another part of the same 1998, which, contrary to some claims by Sebelius supporters, was in place 5 years prior to Sebelius becoming Governor.

In 2007, Sebelius even entertained Tiller’s staff of 25 (including 3 other abortionists) at the Governor’s mansion, allowing herself to be photographed happily accepting a special T-shirt commemorating her re-election and Kline’s defeat.

The Governor’s office claims she donated the dinner at her mansion to a dinner auction and that Tiller simply bought the auction item. Her office claims it was bought with a documented $2,500 donation by Tiller in 2005 to the organization (Kansas City Women’s Political Caucus) which holds the annual Torch Dinner and Auction.  However, records show that $2,500 was the price of sponsoring a table at the Torch Dinner itself, and no receipt is known to exist for the auction item itself. The grand total received for all auctioned items is listed on the organization’s annual 990 and in not broken out. The $2,500 Tiller donation is listed on the organization’s PAC donation list where dinner tickets/table sponsorships are listed.


So what is it about her experience in the field of ‘health’ that qualifies Sebelius to be HHS secretary?


Her resume seems to reflect a liberal bias away from health, away from insurance for all… and away from life itself.


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