Watch Closely: NY Election is TIED

When Hillary Clinton was appointed secretary of state, she was replaced in the US Senate by Kirsten Gillibrand, a one-term Democrat congresswoman from Upstate New York, in the 20th district near Albany. In a special election to fill Gillibrand’s seat – which she had won in November 2006 by defeating Republican incumbent John Sweeney – the March 31, 2009 vote is a tie between Republican Jim Tedisco and Democrat Scott Murphy, both with 77,225 votes as of April 3.


And while some indications are that absentee ballots are favoring Tedisco, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over. The election is expected to be decided after April 10. And when you are dealing with the Democrat party, it ain’t over until some magical “missing” ballots appear in favor the Democrat candidate in a close election, as happened in the 2008 Minnesota US Senate race between Republican incumbent Norm Coleman and Democrat Al Franken. And elsewhere.


Because the Democrats always political hardball, and they will do anything to win, including fraud, ballot stuffing, dead voters and all the usual tactics that have been going on throughout the 20th century, primarily in cities, but now expanding to other parts of the nation.


This Tedisco race is important. Because if Tedisco wins, it will be a huge break in the so-called ‘unstoppable’ momentum allegedly created by Obama because Tedisco ran against Obama. In fact just the idea that Tedisco even is competitive shows that Obama is not nearly the force that he is being made out to be. The Democrats have had two good election cycles – 2006 and 2008 – in the last 30 years and they think they are invincible. They are not.


But that does not stop them from stealing elections at every opportunity. In 1960, Democrat John F. Kennedy won the presidency after his rich father “arranged” for the Mafia to make sure that Kennedy won Illinois through fraud in Chicago. Republican Richard Nixon knew he had been robbed, but being a conservative gentleman, he did not want to put the nation through the disruption of a contested election. He said he’d run again and he did, winning in 1968 and again in 1972.


Now fast-forward to Florida in 2000. The Democrats still are caterwauling more than eight years later that Bush somehow won Florida, and thus the presidency, illegitimately. Despite recount after recount in that very close race showing Bush winning by 537 votes, Dems still cannot stand the truth. The shameless Al Gore Democrat machine even did its best to eliminate overseas ballots from military personnel that were expected to favor Bush, even though those challenges were only on technicalities. The Dems certainly must have pined for the good old days when Joseph P. Kennedy – or some political boss – arrived with a briefcase full of cash to make sure that the proper candidate was elected.


Several well-known cases of Democrat fraud and manipulation have occurred in the past few years. In 2002 Democrat US senator Tim Johnson was first elected in South Dakota after fraud was detected on the heavily-Democrat Indian reservations in rural parts of the state. His opponent, Republican US congressman John Thune, who lost by only 524 votes, knew he had been robbed, but did not complain, being a good conservative. Like Nixon, he said he’d run again and he did. He ran in 2004 and unseated Democrat US Senate minority leader Tom Daschle in a great display of poetic justice.


In 2004, Democrat Christine Gregoire was elected governor of the state of Washington on the third vote count. Her opponent, Dino Rossi, won the first vote count and then a recount, but lost on the second recount which included many highly suspicious ballots from the heavily Democrat districts of Seattle. It was the closest election to date in American history, with Gregoire winning by 129 votes out of 2.9 million cast. The state legislature declared her the winner.


In the Minnesota US Senate election of November 4, 2008, after the votes were counted and Republican Norm Coleman was declared the winner, phantom ballots suddenly appeared all from heavily Democrat districts and they all favored ultra-liberal Al Franken.


This is another example of the Democrat party relying on fringe characters all over America who are willing to move beyond democracy in order to win elections and intimidate voters. Most likely a handful of radical Democrat operatives had planned ahead of time to “find” the Franken ballots if the election turned out to be really close. And it has turned out to be so close that the “found” ballots may end up tipping the election.  


 In 1992, the presidential election was thrown into chaos just 4 days before voting when independent prosecutor Lawrence Walsh, a political partisan who disliked incumbent president George HW (Papa) Bush, indicted Bush’s defense secretary Caspar Weinberger, contributing to Bill Clinton’s victory. Wrote Mark Levin in National Review Online, February 20, 2001:


Walsh brought (an) indictment against Weinberger — just days before the November 1992 presidential election between then-President Bush and then-Gov. Bill Clinton — for lying to Congress. The court dismissed this charge for violating the statute of limitations, but only after the damage to Bush’s reelection had been done. Clinton seized on the indictment calling it “smoking gun” evidence that Bush had lied about his role in the so-called “arms for hostages” deal. More than frivolous, this indictment was malicious and intended to punish a candidate Walsh personally disliked.


So this is the way that liberals operate, and if Republicans don’t start fighting this corruption and standing united, they are going to lose out.


Remember Tom DeLay, the Republican congressman from Texas and one-time House majority leader? He was targeted by a grossly partisan prosecutor Ronnie Earle, a lifelong Democrat. Here is the story from wikipedia.org


In 2005, a Texas grand jury indicted  DeLay on criminal charges that he had conspired to violate campaign finance laws during that period. DeLay denied the charges and pled not guilty, saying they were politically motivated and the law he was indicted under did not apply until later, but Republican Conference rules forced him to resign temporarily from his position as Majority Leader. Despite the charges, and DeLay’s Constitutional right to a speedy trial, the prosecutor has still not brought the case before a jury. In January 2006, under pressure from fellow Republicans, DeLay announced that he would not seek to return to the position. In the months before and after this decision, two of his former aides were convicted in the Jack Abramoff scandal. DeLay ran for re-election in 2006 and won the Republican primary election in March 2006, but, citing the possibility of losing the general election, he announced in April 2006 that he would withdraw from the race and resign his seat in Congress. He resigned on June 9, 2006, and sought to remove his name from the ballot. The court battle that followed forced him to remain on the ballot, despite having withdrawn from the race.


To this day, DeLay has never been convicted of anything. But this is how Democrats operate, with a scorched-earth policy to clear Republicans from the playing field.


Consider the November 2008 US Senate race in Alaska. Sitting Republican senator Ted Stevens, who had represented Alaska for 40 years, lost narrowly to Mark Begich the mayor of Anchorage, after a Washington, D.C. jury convicted Stevens just before the election on seven counts of corruption for lying about gifts that he’d received.


Note: Washington, DC jury = liberal jury.


US attorney general Eric Holder said on April 1, 2009, however, that the case would be abandoned due to prosecutorial misconduct.


Now Republican Alaska governor Sarah Palin and the Alaska Republican Party are calling for Begich to resign and for a special election to be held for the seat, due to the unusual circumstances.


Begich disagrees. “Today, with our country in a severe recession, it’s more important than ever that we have a senator focused on fixing our economy so Alaskans have the jobs they need to support their families. That is my job in the Senate, and I’m honored to serve Alaskans for the next six years.”


Begich makes no mention of the underlying principle of fairness.


The chairman of the Alaska Republican Party said that the only reason Begich won his race was because “a few thousand Alaskans (Begich’s margin of victory) thought that Senator Stevens was guilty of seven felonies.”


Palin even had called for Stevens to step aside after he had been convicted, showing her truly non-partisan nature.


But Alaska’s other US senator, Republican Lisa Murkowski, said, “In light of the good news yesterday (that the Stevens conviction had been overturned), I am sure many of us wish we could turn the clock back to last November Unfortunately, that is not an option.”


This is another Republican lying down on the job instead of fighting for her party, and this is why Republicans find themselves in the minority. If Stevens were a Democrat, this issue would be a national scandal and every Democrat US senator would be on the steps of the US Capitol demonstrating for a special election, along with Obama and all the Ancient Media.


Watch the New York state Tedisco-Murphy race. The Democrats will do everything in their power to steal it. If they lose, it will be a bloody nose for them and for Obama, something they will not risk if anything possibly can be done about it.




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