From Binghamton to Brussels

On a day when president Obama had the courage to speak candidly to a French audience about Europe’s “casual” and “insidious” anti-Americanism, a gunman let loose in Binghamton, New York, killing 13 people. The gunman was reported to be Jiverly Voong a Vietnamese-American who was said to have recently been laid off from his job at IBM. Today the Binghamton region is suffering from endemic economic decline. Once in the heart of American prosperity, New York state today is in the midst of collapse and exodus.


But the name Jiverly Voong may be an alias and IBM had no record of such an employee. That the story never even was verified didn’t stop certain knee-jerk news commentators from blaming corporate America for yet another personal behavior as the story unfolded.


Democrat New York governor David Paterson expectedly decried the shooting. This is the same Paterson whose party recently imposed yet another tax on “the rich” to shore up the state’s massive deficit-ridden economy, once a goliath known around the world.


When conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh heard about the tax increase, he called it “the tipping point” on which he will pull all of his radio operations out of New York City, where he operates only about a dozen days a year, primarily when hurricanes threaten Florida where Limbaugh is based. Limbaugh is taxed for every day he works in New York. Limbaugh moved his official residence out of New York City in 1997 in a protest over taxation. Florida has no income tax.


Paterson stirred up a hornet’s nest when he bid Limbaugh a not-so-fond farewell, snidely declaring that if he had known Rush Limbaugh would leave, that he would have raised taxes sooner.


On the surface, this sounds like a typical political cheap shot against someone who is unpopular in the salons of Manhattan. But like the casual and insidious European criticism of the United States, it will end up being seen as short-sighted and reactionary. Because Limbaugh’s move is part of a much bigger exodus from high-tax, low-growth, highly regulated and Democrat-dominated New York that can only be bad news for the Empire State, just as Europe’s economies have been hammered for decades under relentless taxation.


And the idea that yet another Democrat politician would suggest using the tax system as a weapon against an unpopular individual smacks of totalitarianism. This is like Congress talking about passing a special tax law targeted only at the AIG executives who got bonuses.


New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg cannot have been happy with the legislature’s tax hike, and with Paterson’s statement. Recently he explained how just a few thousand rich citizens pay a large percentage of the city’s taxes, saying, “51, 52 percent of our taxes come from people making $500,000 or more… Five thousand people back in 2006, it’s probably a little more diverse today, but in 2006, 5,000 people paid 30 percent of the taxes in New York City…. If only 1,500 of that 5,000 people move to Connecticut, that would cut 10 percent of our tax base, that’s another $3.5 billion.”


So Bloomberg is being shown not to have been infected by the “causal” and “insidious” Democrat bias against private wealth creation that Paterson and his Democrats are displaying. They even are considering raising the statewide New York sales tax to 9% from 8.25%. But this tax affects everyone, not just “the rich”.


And you wonder why not only Limbaugh but hundreds of thousands of other people are leaving New York state. But it is not the poor who are leaving. It is those with the skills, education and wealth to set up shop elsewhere. This will leave New York state with a classic socialist paradise – a few rich and many poor.


The Binghamton shooting is gong to be portrayed by “casual” and “insidious” media bias as a metaphor for today’s American culture. They will blame Bush, they will blame IBM (if it even is proven that the shooter ever worked there), they will blame “the rich” for not paying enough in taxes and funding enough interventions for people like Voong, they will blame guns. But they never will blame the killer, just as the Europeans have a reflexive answer for all the world’s woes: It is America’s fault.


But let’s consider the Binghamton shooting from a conservative point of view. Perhaps the shooter watched too many violent Hollywood movies made by liberals. Perhaps he was anti-Christian and prone to anger, as many liberals are. Perhaps he never worked for IBM but simply could not find a job in New York state’s decimated economy made much worse by Democrat policies. Perhaps he was unbalanced from the Vietnam War started by Democrat president John F. Kennedy. Perhaps he looked at all the Democrat-approved abortions and came to the conclusion that life has no value. Perhaps he was consumed by the socialist Euro/American media template that America simply is bad and hopeless. Perhaps he had seen criminals let off the hook by lenient Democrat judges and did not consider his action punishable.




The Binghamton crime was only a few hours old when vice president Joe Biden stuck his nose into it, decrying the “senseless, senseless violence” of it. You can expect Biden and the Democrat US congressman from Binghamton Maurice Hinchey to start to try and make political hay out of this event because the Democrat party is one of sheer opportunism. They will subtly suggest that contemporary America has ended the dreams of another “little person”, that America is as bad as Europe always has said, that Bush created a culture of violence with the Iraq war, that only another massive government spending bill can save us from another Binghamton.


Ironically… or rather typically… Biden’s comments came during a speech to a group affiliated with Al Sharpton, the black leader and racial agitator who came to national prominence in 1986 falsely accusing a group of white men in… upstate New York… of raping teenager Tawana Brawley. Sharpton should have no credibility in America today, yet he has run for president and been accepted by the media as a legitimate candidate. In fact it is people like Sharpton who have created an atmosphere of anger and hatred, first by bearing false witness. Isn’t that a violation of one of the 10 Commandments?


Did Jiverly Voong admire Sharpton? We know Biden does.


One French student said about Obama: “He has shown that America can change its image in the world. It shows that, in our time, people aren’t judged by the color of their skin.”


The day before the student made that comment, Obama was attending the G20 summit meeting in London which also was attended by Luiz Inacio da Silva, the president of Brazil who blamed the world financial crisis on “white people with blue eyes.”


Obviously this kind of reflexive racism along with the “casual” and “insidious” attitude in Europe against America, along with the reflexive sentiment against success in America exhibited by people like Paterson are going to cost us all in the long run. It is time to look at the big picture and to take a course that will move us away from violence and prejudice and toward prosperity. And it is not casually explained how to do so. It will take hard work.


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