Profiling, Missouri-Style

When you think of Missouri, you might think of a conservative, rural Midwestern state with the country-music capital of Branson in its south. But if the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) has its way, conservatives, pro-lifers, pro-gun and other “suspicious” individuals had better watch out. The Missouri state ‘fusion center’ might have it out for you.


MIAC is one of 58 centers nationwide created by the Department of Homeland Security  to collect intelligence on the local level that can be used to combat terrorism and related crimes. And according to a recent document MIAC has decided that if you display bumper stickers supporting a third-party candidate or a certain Republican member of Congress for president, or supporting pro-life groups, or supporting the 2nd amendment, that you should be surveilled because you might be a member of a domestic militia that threatens Oklahoma City-style terrorism.


Never mind that Oklahoma City was fourteen years ago, that Timothy McVeigh was executed without a whimper from the death penalty opponents, and that that was an isolated incident.


From fiscal years 2004 to 2007, $254 million from has been disbursed to state and local governments to support the ‘fusion centers’, according to DHS.


It is important to remember that Missouri is not really so conservative. It has several university centers, and two large cities that hold big urban, and thus liberal, populations – St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri (Kansas City, Kansas is just over the state line and is contiguous). And these are the areas where the state’s left-wing political bias springs from, the blatant bias that is outlined in the MIAC report The Modern Militia Movement.


The February 20 report reads in part: “Due to the current economical and political situation, a lush environment for militia activity has been created. Unemployment rates are high, as well as costs of living expenses. Additionally, President Elect Barrack [sic] Obama is seen as tight on gun control and many extremists fear that he will enact firearms confiscations.”


Oh really. The Missouri report mentions political candidates by name including Bob Barr, the former Republican congressman from Georgia, and Ron Paul, the current Republican congressman from Texas, both of whom sought the 2008 presidential nomination on, respectively, the libertarian ticket and the Republican ticket. Cars with bumper stickers for either candidate, or other peripheral candidates, are considered suspect by MIAC.


After an outcry from supporters, however, those names are being excised from the report.


Of course, no mention has been made of bumper stickers for Bobby Rush, the former Black Panther who is a Chicago Democrat US congressman; or “Baghdad” Jim McDermott, the Democrat congressman from Washington state who went to Iraq and trashed George W. Bush in public; Or Democrat US congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania who publicly accused our Marines of cold-blooded murder in Haditha, Iraq (all have been exonerated); or Democrat US Senator Patty Murray, from Washington State who told high-school students that terrorist Osama bin Laden was a good neighbor to the Moslem world who built roads, day-care facilities, hospitals and orphanages while “we (the United States) haven’t done that”.


Or Ohio Democrat US congresswoman Marcy Kaptur who has equated bin Laden and other Islamic terrorists to the Americans who fought our Revolutionary War; or Dianne Feinstein, the Democrat US senator from California who just happened to let it slip in public hearings that the US was using Pakistani airfields to launch drone assaults on terrorists in that nation, stirring up a hornets’ nest in that very volatile part of the world.


Missouri police have not been instructed to target cars with green Vermont license plates, the state that has elected and re-elected many times Patrick Leahy, a Democrat US senator, despite the fact that Leahy once was kicked off the Senate intelligence committee for leaking classified information.


No, no, those people are not threats to the security of the United States. They’re liberals…


Does the name Charles Moose ring a bell? Moose was the police chief in Montgomery Country, Maryland during the 3-week Beltway Sniper attacks in October of 2002 in the Washington, DC area. Moose is black. During the hunt for the snipers, profilers predicted that the snipers were white, and accounts said that at one shooting site, a ‘white box van’ had sped away from the scene.


So when two black men, were arrested and ultimately convicted for the shootings, it was a racial atomic bomb. John Allen Muhammad, a fanatical Muslim convert, and Lee Boyd Malvo, his young associate, perpetrated the attacks from a blue Chevrolet with a hole in the trunk. Malvo lay in the trunk and fired while Muhammad drove the car.


Much to their dismay, police discovered that Muhammad’s 1990 Chevrolet Caprice had been checked by police on several occasions near shooting locations but that the car had not been flagged because law enforcement was focusing on the ‘white box van.’ Never mind that the Caprice had a big hole in the trunk from which Malvo killed 11 people and injured three others.


And of course the occupants of the Chevrolet were not white, as Moose insisted they must be.


Because of Moose’s incompetence and racial biases, many lives were lost without a peep of indignation from the usual quarters of perpetual indignation.


Here’s an excerpt from a radical left-wing website commenting on the Beltway shootings when the shooter was assumed to be a white supremacist or caucasian ex-military member, and not a black Muslim:


The moral climate created by the Bush administration is one that glorifies violence and presents the elimination of targeted individuals as the solution to pressing problems. This atmosphere acts upon the sickest and most deranged elements, especially those drawn from the milieu of ex-military and paramilitary men who live in disproportionate numbers in the Washington DC suburbs.


Hmmm… Muhammad had lived in Washington STATE, by the way.


So now  you might wonder if the profilers in the state of Missouri might spend some time looking for real criminals such as:


*Black males, driving shabby automobiles with big hole in the trunk, long histories of criminal activity and gun crimes, drug dealers, murderers, rapists, many stints in prison. Comment from MIAC: No, that would be racial profiling. Can’t we all just get along!?


*Young Middle Eastern males, often wearing bulky jackets into shopping malls during the summer, communicating frequently with Saudi Arabia over the telephone and through the internet, lots of money and no apparent jobs, taking flying lessons and community college courses on uses of fertilizer. Comment from MIAC: These people are not any risk to the United States of America. We hope to bring more into the country from Guantanamo.


*Young Mexican gang members, speaking no English, histories of violent crimes, many cross-border trips into Mexico, some of them discriminated against by trigger-happy American law enforcement for their crimes. Many drug convictions. No apparent jobs or skills. Tons of cash. Comment from MIAC: These obviously are good American citizens. See if we can sign them up for Medicaid. And a stimulus check!


*Once-arrested male terrorist, older, early 60s, accused of bombing the US Capitol, New York Police headquarters and the Pentagon in the 1970s. Was on the run for years. Beat the rap on a technicality. Now is a respected college professor in Chicago. Barack Obama bumper sticker. Comment from MIAC: This man cannot possibly pose a threat. He knows the president of the United States personally!


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