Bizarre White House Behavior

A reporter recently asked White House press secretary Robert Gibbs about comments that Warren Buffet had made. Buffett, the richest man in America, had claimed that it was easier for a crippled bank with government assistance to get credit than a Triple-A rated institution. Gibbs responded that he had not heard about the comment and that “I’m not surprised. I’m not on the Berkshire-Hathaway mailing list.” Gibbs was referring to Buffett’s Berkshire-Hathaway investment company.


What Gibbs is doing is a tactic – he is creating a false impression about Obama’s relationship with Buffett. Because Buffett was a huge Obama supporter. But Gibbs was trying to make it appear that the Obama administration never would have anything to do with a wealthy man like Buffett because the current mythology is that all the evil rich people who have caused the current crisis are Republicans.


Which is a big lie. And this is the type of blatant, ongoing falsehood that the Democrats are promoting, with complete cover from the media.


First, about wealth and “the rich”: The amount of per-capita wealth being created in America is declining regularly. America is not nearly as prosperous as it was in the 1950s and the shrinking middle class is a perfect bellwether. The reason is simple: Production is being thwarted through Democrat obstruction tactics of ever-increasing taxes, more and more regulations and extreme environmentalism. US companies cannot compete in the world market and create new wealth. The jobs cannot survive here.


At the same time the majority of rich people in America today are liberals and leftists and that proportion is increasing with every passing day. The reason is simple: They are taking more and more of the nation’s existing wealth, while less and less new wealth is being created. Just consider Oprah Winfrey. She has accumulated billions of dollars sitting in front of a TV camera.


Yet how much new wealth does she create? Answer: None. Winfrey is a “service” to the American economy. Her wealth is just part of the existing wealth of the nation. She creates no new wealth.


And these rich liberals are the people responsible for the current crisis. From congressman Barney Frank insisting that Fannie Mae was sound when it was not; to Robert Rubin, one of the most important liberals of the last 25 years, running Citigroup into the ground; to Franklin Raines, Bill Clinton’s budget director, looting $100 million out of Fannie Mae; to big-time Democrat donor Richard Fuld killing Lehman Brothers; to multi-billion dollar con artists Bernie Madoff and R. Allen Stanford, both big Democrat donors – this crisis has been caused almost exclusively by liberals.


Existing wealth in fewer and fewer hands is the predominant form of Big Wealth in America today. And a majority of the older wealth (10 or 20 or 30 years old) is controlled by liberals like Buffett and Bill Gates and Larry Ellison and Winfrey and the Hollywood elite and the New York City billionaires and the super-rich in San Francisco and Chicago and Aspen and Martha’s Vineyard. Hardly a Republican in sight.


Far-left Democrat US senator John Kerry of Massachusetts married a woman who had a $1.5 billion fortune. She inherited it from her husband, who was killed in a plane crash, who was a member of the Heinz family. Kerry never could have generated that kind of wealth himself. And all of the richest congressional districts in America today are represented by Democrats. The wealthiest states each have 2 Democrat US senators.


Meanwhile, where is the greatest disparity between rich and poor?


It is in liberal, left-wing, ultra-socialist New York City, where such disparities are, in theory, non-existent.


So much for theory.


And now we have Obama acting strangely cool about the economic crisis, appointing new cabinet officials, holding press conferences and seeming oddly removed from the economic downturn. And why is he acting this way after radically trash-talking the economy for months?


This is highly disturbing behavior and is part of Obama’s far-left persona. Gibbs’ comments about Buffett are part of the same charade.


Obama is using the current crisis to get his extreme agenda through. He needs the crisis. So he repeatedly has referred to “the worst economy since the Great Depression” in order to undermine the public. He has been warned repeatedly to stop talking down the economy, even by Bill Clinton, but Clinton was not being honest. He simply was acting like a foil for Obama like a liberal scold. It is nothing but an act.


On the other hand, Obama is going about his business as usual as the economy falls through the floor as if nothing is wrong, as if he is completely in control. Which he is not.


Truth is that Obama knows that he has a certain honeymoon period in which to ram through his agenda, and ramming it is exactly what he is doing. That is what he cares about. That is why he seems so detached from the economic plunge; because he is using it to his advantage. Even if he is not re-elected in 2012, he knows that he will have been able to implement socialism to a large degree. And Obama knows that after his presidency, no matter the state of the economy, that his rich leftist friends are going to make him rich too, just as Bill Clinton gets richer and richer after his two terms in office.


So Obama is using a two-pronged, polar approach: Talking down the economy and then acting as if nothing is wrong. This manic-depressive behavior is common to liberals. Meanwhile any rational person would take a more sensible and moderate approach by acknowledging the crisis without being dire, and then by being engaged and not seeming aloof.


But this is Obama’s intentional strategy and how leftists always manipulate people with carefully crafted strategies that have nothing do with the facts. Everything they do is for public consumption. And for the time being, the public is not aware that this is happening. They may catch on. After it is too late.


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