Weatherization Waste and Fraud

One of the projects that Obama has proposed in his massive stimulus bill is to weatherize government buildings, including public schools. The casual observer might think that this is a perfectly good idea, which it appears to be on the surface. If upgraded, those buildings will waste less energy which is good for the environment, for keeping down fuel prices by reducing demand, and for the taxpayer who is footing the energy bill.


But think about it: The government is on the political left, as is the environmental movement which has been advocating energy conservation for almost four decades since the first Earth Day in 1970. So why weren’t these buildings weatherized years ago?


It is a four-part answer:


1) Liberals always love to tell other people what to do, but then never abide by those same rules themselves. So, for instance, as the Follywood elite flits around the globe on its private jets, they warn us “little people” that we must carpool to work to save energy and must purchase dangerous little autos so that we can save the planet… while they ruin it.


Never expect a liberal to live by the rules he/she sets for others!


So while the ecologists have been hectoring us all about saving energy for years, they have had zero influence getting their friends in the government to show us how, and to lead by example. Government buildings and public schools continue to waste huge amounts of energy. Why weren’t they weatherized back in the 1970s at the beginning of the enviro movement? Just think of all the energy that could have been saved all this time.


2) Remember that liberals are lazy people when it comes to actually doing things. Liberals love to talk and to argue and to report and to pass legislation and to collect their bloated paychecks. But when it comes to actually accomplishing something like weatherizing a building, they are completely incompetent and in fact uninterested. That is why these things do not get done.


3) Weatherizing those buildings also would ignore the third core principle of socialism which is that most government spending – with the exception of the military, which has done its job 100% – is based on waste and fraud, and to actually get the job done and save the taxpayer money would be out of character with the odorless, colorless bureaucrats who have installed themselves into every government post in America, most of them Democrats.


When governments are not managed by conservatives, governments always waste money, much of that waste intentional. It is part of liberals’ plan to weaken the taxpayer and to empower the government while really doing nothing to solve the problem at hand, like cutting energy use in public buildings. If they did install weatherization, they wouldn’t be able to demand more money to… install weatherization! Next year, of course.


So when they’ve taxed everybody heavily and wasted huge amounts of money they then can run out and cut some critical service like cops or firefighters and then say, “Look! We are out of money! We need more tax dollars!”


So over the last 50 years, as government power has increased its size relentlessly, more and more money is being wasted. This is exactly what the Founders warned about, and this is why we fought against the British crown – because we were being taxed heavily.


4) Wasteful governments are geared to intentionally NOT accomplish the tasks at hand but to increase their budgets instead. So while we easily could have made all government buildings more energy efficient decades ago, they have not been upgraded. So now we are going to see more and more money given to the same bureaucracies, and they indeed will spend a small amount on actual weatherization while frittering away most of it.


5) Since weatherization comes under the heading of energy conservation, expect environmental groups across the nation to take a chunk of every weatherization dollar. They will then use that money to advocate their usual positions – the installation of inefficient wind and solar energy sources; the obstruction of traditional and reliable energy sources like nuclear power; the obstruction of traditional rural jobs like mining, farming, ranching and logging; the obstruction of other traditional economic endeavors like factory construction; and the implementation of more and more paperwork related to all economic activities.


Obama says that he will demand accountability from the mayors who are going to get billions in stimulus money, but this is baloney. That would be like Obama saying that he is going to keep an eye on all the corruption in Chicago to make sure that it does not happen any more. That corruption is routine, endemic and ongoing, and there is nothing that is going to stop it except to cut off the flow of money. And with Obama in the White House and the Democrats controlling Congress, that flow is going to continue.


Just watch the cash flow for this so-called “weatherization”. Here is what is going to happen: Large amounts of money are going to be wasted here and there on big boondoggle projects like solar panels – manufactured by people like Al Gore and his cronies – which will create tiny amounts of energy for big investments. And then the rest of the weatherization cash will be consumed by government bureaucrats who will “supervise” it and “report” on it and who will hire “experts” to “measure” the energy loss and draw up a plan of action. Then nothing else will get done because the money will be gone. The only time anything will actually get done is for some big PR program to show how much allegedly is being accomplished. Then the politicians will show up to have their pictures taken next to a wall stuffed with pink insulation, and to demonstrate all the wonderful savings that Obama has created.


When it was reported in 2006 that Al Gore’s mansion in Nashville, Tennessee was consuming 20 times as much electricity as the average home, Gore quickly ran out and had his whole house “upgraded” with all sorts of solar panels and other ‘energy-saving’ devices. After the upgrade, his electricity consumption actually went up! This is a lesson for all of us. These people know nothing at all.


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