Those Who Do Not Remember History...

The recent anniversary of the first attack on the World Trade Center should give us pause. For those who do not recall the event, terrorists in New York City on February 26, 1993 drove a truck laden with a huge bomb into the parking garage underneath the WTC North Tower (the second to fall on 9/11). Hoping to knock out enough of the infrastructure to bring the building down, the ensuing blast killed 6 people and injured more than 1,500 but left the structure standing.


A Vietnam War veteran and security expert named Rick Rescorla, who was in charge of security for WTC-based Morgan Stanley, warned over the years that the Trade Center was vulnerable to attack and repeatedly told officials about the dangers posed by the open parking garage. They ignored him. Rescorla survived the 1993 attack and then warned that the next attack would come from the air. Rescorla died on 9/11 evacuating MS employees from the South Tower.


In the wake of that 1993 attack the Clinton administration virtually ignored terrorism during its 8 years in office, leading to 9/11. And from Obama’s first month in office, we are seeing the pattern repeat itself. And for those who do not remember history, the old saying goes, they are doomed to repeat it.


Clinton officials chose to prosecute the 1993 WTC attackers as American criminals, not as international terrorists. This led to a civil trial in which secret information was made public through the customary court process, leaking valuable intel to terrorists worldwide. Through that case Osama bin Laden even discovered that his satellite phone was being tapped, and so he stopped using it.


Today we have another complacent administration that does not even want to use the words “war on terror” and already has released its first detainee from Guantanamo Bay, more worried about the well-being of a handful of terrorists and terror suspects than America’s. This is Clinton redux.


9/11 never, ever should have happened and easily could have been prevented by the most elementary surveillance of young Middle Eastern males infiltrating into the US, taking flying lessons, obtaining drivers’ licenses, acting suspiciously, communicating through the internet, receiving funds from overseas, taking observation runs on cross-country flights and then doing the deed.


9/11 never, ever should have happened but did happen because throughout the Clinton years these terrorists worked undetected with nobody “connecting the dots”. The Bush administration then came into office blind, with no long-range intelligence to work from.  


Now White House press corps elder Helen Thomas, a self-proclaimed liberal,  even recently called the terrorists in Pakistan “so-called terrorists”. And the new director of the Office of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, a liberal who as governor of Arizona was soft on border enforcement, even recently refused to use the words “war on terror” in her presentation before Congress. Obama barely mentioned anything relating to the war on terror in his address to Congress.


Meanwhile, police in Orchard Park, New York, near Buffalo are investigating a beheading by a prominent local Muslim. Aasiya Z. Hassan had her head chopped off by her husband Muzzammil Hassan  who has been charged with second-degree murder. Mr. Hassan is the founder of Bridges TV, which he launched in 2004 to… help portray Muslims more positively.


Expectedly  feminists have not uttered a peep about this beheading. Because feminists do not care about “women”. They are leftists who care about the leftist agenda when it coincides with their feminist agenda. So as Muslims commit more and more violent and bizarre crimes against the West and against women, even on our soil, the left is ignoring it.


There is a pattern developing here with this complacent administration, as if being nice to terrorists will induce them to be nice to us. And if you were a terrorist, you certainly would favor a nation that is standing down. And terrorists now are seeing the US becoming complacent again. This will lead to another attack, one that, like 9/11, never should be allowed to happen.


When tough-guy Republican Rudy Giuliani was elected mayor of New York City in 1993, the place was out of control. Decades of Democrat misrule had crushed the city. Crime, corruption, filth, crumbling infrastructure, capital flight, sky-high taxes… everything was bleak. But over the next 8 years, by simply reforming the government and enforcing the laws rather than allowing left-wing pro-criminal lawyers to run roughshod over the legal system, Giuliani changed the tone of the city, leading to accolades even from liberals.


And after 8 years of neglect by the Democrat Clinton administration leading to 9/11, the Bush people took a tough tack on terrorism at home and abroad, and no further attacks have been achieved. Even in Iraq, which had been roundly criticized by liberals, terrorists flooded into that nation to confront America and ended up getting beaten badly, with many top leaders killed and the rest killed, maimed and dispersed. And after the terrible loss of more than 4,000 US service people, Iraq is moving toward democracy while the terrorist movement worldwide took a huge hit which the global media is managing to minimize so as not to make Bush look good.


Leftists hate America and hate American success because they hate themselves. Liberals were furious that America won the Cold War, that the Berlin Wall came down, that America helped to drive the Soviets from Afghanistan, that we won in Iraq.  They want us to be bloodied. They now call our enemies “so-called terrorists” and refuse to use the words “war on terror”.


Today it appears that the Obama administration is going into full complacency mode. In the media, there are smug socialists who actually want to see America hurt as we were on 9/11, to “teach us a lesson” about our excessive power and our prosperity. This was the tactic of the Clinton administration and its dovish inhabitants and it is a pattern that is repeating itself.


Many commentators are saying that Obama would be crazy to allow another attack. But they could have said the same about Clinton. And like Rick Rescorla, there are many officials worldwide who know how the terrorists operate and they will continue to warn us about the real threats that we face. Whether we are willing to listen is another story.


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