Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Dear Rush,


As a longtime listener to your radio program, I was thrilled to have seen live on Fox the entire address you presented on February 28 to the Conservative Political Action Conference. The speech was inspiring to those of us who have felt strongly that the conservative message has been diluted and impugned, while the liberal socialist message is far too predominant in our society, despite the fact that most Americans live their lives as conservatives.


Your CPAC message of freedom, small government, self-reliance and individual achievement is anathema to the liberal message of big government, dependence, self doubt and anger. We conservatives must reaffirm our message in order to create growth and prosperity for the majority of Americans and to set an example for the world.


As I watched you speak, I began thinking about the candidates for the 2012 presidential election. I have realized since November 4 that despite unyielding media support, the political cycle against conservatives, and a poor campaign by McCain that Obama won only by about 6.5 points. In other words, Obama’s ideas are not nearly as popular as the media are making them out to be. This is our advantage in the next election. Meanwhile Obama’s huge spending plans are upsetting more and more Americans and we are organizing ‘tea parties’ all over the nation.


As I have considered who I would support for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, I had decided on Mitt Romney because he has little political baggage, is relatively young and energetic, is an excellent fiscal manager and will be able to carry our message forward eloquently. But when I heard you speak at CPAC, I realized that your address was a watershed, that it truly was a call to arms, and that, point by point, it revitalized us with the real essence of the conservative calling.


Rush, it is time that you considered seriously running for the presidency of the United States in 2012. We have listened to your wisdom for many years, and your proclamations that you are more powerful in your post as a political commentator than you would be in elected office. This is nonsense. Because the elected office for which are you best suited is as leader of our nation.


As president of the United States, you could lead our nation back from the socialist wilderness of moral equivalence, economic decline, government dependency, behavioral malfeasance and oppressive taxation of the most productive individuals. You can enunciate, as you did at CPAC, exactly what freedom and individual liberty mean, and how only the conservative way of living can achieve them. You can explain to every man, woman and child how our nation can become great again, and lead the world.


Mitt Romney is a good man, but he appears somewhat stiff and elitist and has none of the oratorical skills nor the populist appeal of Rush Limbaugh. You, Rush, are the man who can list point by point why our conservative ideas are better for the vast majority of Americans. Because the Republican party today is running from those ideas and losing elections more often than winning. This is ridiculous in light of the fact that the GOP historically has had the only real substantive ideas for the conduct of a growing nation.


I believe that over time, if you declared your candidacy soon, that you could build a huge wave of support precisely as Obama’s popularity declines. Because once you declared your candidacy, your audience would break out from 22 million on the radio and into the whole population of 300 million. And many tens of millions who had never taken time to listen to your views would start listening to your actual words, and not just the media interpretations of what you say.  The CPAC speech was just a taste. In fact, the CPAC speech could be distributed all over the nation on the internet.


“Jimmy” Obama’s economic plans are just going to lead us to big economic woe while your message, like that of Ronald Reagan, would lead us to a new ‘morning in America’, not the nightmare we currently face with a president intent on undermining our spirit with negativity and fear in order to control us.


Rush, you well know that liberals want an ‘easy mark’. Liberals want softball Republican candidates like McCain who seek to agree with liberals or who are intimidated by liberal contrivances and by media pressures. Liberals fear people like you, Rush, because you are fearless. That is why they spend so much time obsessing about you and maligning you. Because they know that with a few well-placed words that you, Rush, can emasculate the ignorant, blowhard icons of the left like Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer and Joe Biden and Harry Reid and Barack Obama, all people with no real understanding of how the world really works, but only a theoretical approach. You could easily take Obama down in any one-on-one debate where people could hear the side-by-side opinions without media filtering.


Rush, if you declared your candidacy, the media would do everything in their power to silence you at the same time that millions of us organize to support you.  And as a candidate, you could go around the media, as Ronald Reagan did, talking directly to the people of America. The media no longer could caricature you just like they caricatured Ronald Reagan as a lightweight actor who could never handle the presidency, while he turned out to be just the opposite.


I know that there are millions and millions of independent voters and even liberals who do not really in their hearts believe what the liberals are telling them. Liberalism is a “default” position because it is the easy way of thinking and many people do not really hear an alternative point of view or they are intimidated by other liberals, which is the way that socialism spreads… through fear, humiliation and intimidation tactics used against weakened people.


You, Rush, could coax Americans out of their shells of fear and into the sunlight. You could explain that we must be strong, that we will survive and prosper, that our nation will rise again from our current problems and that the only way to do so is by trusting God, as our Founders did, and by trusting in ourselves to bring about a rebirth of the spirit that built the best and freest nation on earth.


Rush Limbaugh for President in 2012!


Your fellow conservative,




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