Gore's Climate 'Crisis' Is His Own

‘Global warming’ advocate Al Gore appeared before Congress recently. That day, the Obama daughters were excused from school for a snow-day. Gore nonetheless forged ahead and made the case for the current ‘climate crisis’.


Climate crisis?


What happened to ‘climate change’?


Well, ‘climate change’ was the new term for ‘global warming’ after it was found that ‘warming’ no longer exists, but was just a trend in the weather during the 1990s. Now that the term ‘climate change’ has been roundly criticized – since the climate always has changed – Gore has decided to ratchet up the pressure by calling it a ‘climate crisis’.


Actually the only real ‘crisis’ is Gore’s own, in his sinking credibility. After years of all-out media cheerleading for Gore and his far-out theories, one recent poll found that more people believe correctly that ‘warming’ is a natural cycle than believe Gore’s poppycock. So he is trying to rush us into draconian legislation before we figure out the truth – that it is Al Gore who is full of hot air.


On the same day that Gore was lecturing Congress, ice storms were strangling the Midwest in a winter when record low temperatures have been hammering tens of millions of citizens all  over the globe. And at almost the same hour that Gore was making his case, the House of Representatives was voting an $819 billion stimulus bill with $140 million in funding for new ‘global warming’ measurement programs.


Which makes you wonder: Why must we continue to measure ‘warming’ that does not exist, and on which the scientific inquiry is, according to Gore, “settled”?


The fact is that ‘global warming’, ‘climate change’ or ‘the climate crisis’ is yet another step in socialism’s self-sustaining panoply of false catastrophes that  liberals then appoint themselves to “solve”. And in “solving” them, people like Al Gore get very rich. And that is exactly the point. That is why Gore continues to advocate his theory – because that is his job. And why thousands of academics and researchers across the nation continue to advocate it; because they are making money off of it. If they were paid to say the sky is green, they would say that too.


Gore accumulates political power – and thus wealth – by giving speeches about ‘the climate crisis’ and running a foundation to “solve” it. The foundation has lots of donors and lots of money. Along with his lectures, Gore has come to be worth $100 million while producing nothing but words.


And that is the difference between people on the political “left” like Gore and those on the productive “right”. Liberals do not make things or create wealth. For the most part they sit in university lounges, publish newspapers, establish foundations, get elected to office and criticize people on the “right” who manufacture things that the world needs – homes, cars, steel, electricity.


No, Gore & Co. are elitists of the first degree. In his 1992 book Earth in the Balance Gore even said that mankind should make as a goal “eliminating the internal combustion engine over, say, a 25-year period.”


And why does Gore advocate the end of the most effective labor-saving device in history? Because he never has toiled at building a railroad or digging a ditch, jobs that the internal combustion engine has made infinitely easier. Gore wants to return us to a state of manual labor. Get out the shovels and axes! We’re going for full employment!


Joining Gore in his elitist ranks are the soft-handed university professors and advocacy groups that are getting rich preaching ‘warming’. Colleges, wealthy enviro groups, and the government are funding these people.  And they increasingly are being funded by the super-rich socialist elite like Mrs. John Kerry who got her money through political and social means (she inherited her fortune when her husband was killed in a plane crash) and then advocates environmentalism which is the risk-free way to act like you are somebody important.


Meanwhile, environmentalists like Gore destroy wealth and throw people out of work. The Massachusetts economy is collapsing, for instance, because enviro laws have required all new electrical generation to be made with natural gas, which is the most expensive form of generation of all with the exception of wind power. Jobs have been disappearing by the thousands in the last decade because companies cannot afford the electricity rates. But Massachusetts’ environment is sure clean. Thanks Al!


But it is more crucial to understand how wealthy elites like Gore approach the whole concept of individual freedom. In Earth in the Balance, he wrote:


“…freedom is a necessary condition for an effective stewardship of the environment. Almost wherever people at the grass-roots level are deprived of a voice in the decisions that affect their lives, they and the environment suffer. I have come to believe that an essential prerequisite for saving the environment is the spread of democratic government.”


Indeed.  Because dictatorships like the Soviet Union always abuse their environments. But what Gore ultimately wants is to substitute a Green Dictatorship in America in which elites like Al Gore decide exactly how we live our lives. Environmentalism is government and it encompasses the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few, and a legislative class that tells people what cars they can drive, what energy they can consume and how their power is generated. And as Massachusetts has shown, this will create the most insidious form of pollution of all…. human poverty.


The simple truth is that free markets and free people have always innovated to create a cleaner environment while people like Gore refuse to admit it. Our economy is twice as efficient as it was 50 years ago just through capitalist innovation. Nuclear power is the most efficient source of energy ever, yet environmentalists have blocked it. Garbage piles up by the hundreds of millions of tons every year, yet if we could get past the enviro obstruction, we could burn every pound of it in power plants and generate electricity, solving two big problems at once – garbage disposal and energy production.


Gore avoids any mention of the historical fact that ‘global warming’ is a natural phenomenon. He ignores the 400 years of really hot weather over Europe in the period 900 AD to 1300 AD, much hotter than today. He laments the alleged shrinking of the ice sheet over Greenland without acknowledging that Greenland is so named because it once had no ice at all but was completely… green!


Gore continues to advocate in truly demagogic fashion: By repeating his Big Lie, he is trying to draw the people into a Big Government solution that will lead to state control of their lives, with all of its dire consequences. And meanwhile, he and his friends get richer and richer.


The ‘global warming’ kooks are no different than UFO believers. They never can offer any proof, only sketchy evidence that never adds up. We should treat Al Gore and the ‘global warming’ alarmists just like intelligent people think about those weird and inexplicable lights in the sky.


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