The Conservative Challenge - Part 2

Today, conservatives face a challenge because the Democrats are handing out money by the fistful and controlling the debate through the media which is framed as “Why don’t conservatives agree more with liberals?” rather than the more rational question “Why don’t liberals agree more with conservatives?”


America still is called a ‘center right’ nation, which means that the country as a whole is still somewhat conservative in outlook. But that is changing, and it is happening because Americans have been led astray. It started in the 1960s when young people were taught, “If it feels good, do it” and “Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.” In other words, the idea was imprinted early for them to think about themselves and their own emotions and pleasures, not about the universal challenges that will lead to a better world like economic growth, behavioral restraint and Christian order and optimism.


One of the most significant trends today is the marginalization of men and of the manly and rational minds that conservatism emanates from. When Oprah Winfrey repeatedly promotes the ‘pregnant male’ on her show, she is allowing us to believe that if a female wants to change her gender to a male and then have a baby as a male, that that is his/her ‘right’. Conservatives should shout from the rafters that the ‘pregnant male’ represents corruption of the order on which all human progress is based.


Liberalism is advocated as an easy, painless and tantalizing default position. In other words, if you want to help the poor, liberals says to give them money. If people want to have promiscuous sex or change their gender, liberalism says to let them. If a woman wants to have an abortion, that is her business. And so on.


But freedom does not mean that you are free to have everything you need and to do whatever you want to do. Freedom comes with responsibilities and they include one of the most crucial traits of all – restraint. In other words, we have freedom of speech, but that does not grant the right to shout anything we want, including “Fire!” in a crowded theater.


This is the dilemma that conservatives face – to express to people that everyone is not entitled to everything, that there are laws of economics that cannot be bent, that there are limits on behavior that must be adhered to. Liberals, on the other hand, propose that we do whatever we please, which is an alluring proposition for many people. And a toxic one.




During the 20th century, the Democrat party tended to be a somewhat centrist group. Today the party has generally moved far to the left and continues to attract followers. The question is: Who is keeping Democrats in power and why is this happening?


And the answer is this: Without poor people backing the Democrat party in exchange for massive cash handouts, the party would not have a chance of survival. And Democrats are cultivating a culture of poverty and sloth, while conservatives are maligned for promoting a culture of restraint, hard work and prosperity which would do much more to help the poor in the long run.


But it is not just the dependent poor who entrench the Democrats, but a whole array of people who are disrespectful of our American traditions – radical college professors who poison students’ minds with anti-American propaganda; a smarmy media elite that insistently portrays our nation as a bad place; a feminist cabal that puts down manhood and the crucial role that strong men have played in building society; the feminization of men, a trend emanating from the cities where ‘soft’ males are the norm; the indulgent and decadent tendencies of the urban liberal American elite; the hatred of our military; the flourishing of the “Me” culture with liberals thinking only about themselves; the prevalence of abortions performed with the same mind-set as getting a haircut.


Meanwhile, liberals are using tactics of mass hysteria to control the population. Their hatred of George Bush is a sterling example. Just recently the media have literally praised Obama for spending almost $150 million on his inauguration, yet they savaged Bush for spending $43 million in 2005.


What is the conservative challenge? It is to patiently, and with certainty and conviction, hold ground against the lies, assaults, distortions and double-standards of the liberal left.


Conservatives must continue to point out facts, such as that wind energy and solar panels will take us down the same dead-end path that ethanol has. One Minnesota school district closed one day recently because the biodiesel fuel in its buses froze up.


But conservative face other problems. As economies decline, conservatives tend to be the first people to exit. They are not prone to stay around in declining economies,  but instead want opportunity. This is what has happened in once-prosperous New England. Republicans are a weak force there but stronger in the booming South.


Democrats, on the other hand, are always willing to stay behind and seize power. And once they seize power, they institute policies that contribute to more decline – taxation, regulation, environmental rules etc., which they now are implementing all over places like New England, leading to more decline.


Conservatives’ also face the quandary of their disdain for government. Conservatives do not really want to sit around in government meetings hashing out details of things that government should not even be discussing. Conservatives want to be involved in individualist wealth creation and enterprise, without the need to consent others.  


Meanwhile Republicans themselves are to blame for many of the party’s woes. Many elected Republicans like John McCain have been spineless. And if a Republican runs against a Democrat both saying the same thing, the Democrat will win. But if the public hears the conservative side, they will study it and see its rationality.


On the positive side, there has been a bit of a resurgence in moderate Democrats in the election cycles of 2006 and 2008. Successful businessman Mark Warner was elected to the US senate from Virginia; Brian Schweitzer was re-elected as governor of Montana on a platform of developing the state’s oil and gas resources; the new Democrat US senator from Alaska Mark Begich favors drilling in ANWR to create energy independence; US senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania is pro-life; and conservative ‘Blue Dog’ Democrats have emerged in the Congress, a sign that many conservative ideas are taking root once more in the Democrat party.


This is not enough, however, because in general the Democrat party is veering way left and it must be countered. Conservatives must start to influence more and more people to think rationally as conservatives do, not emotionally as Democrats do.


But while the current economic crisis should induce new thinking, Obama is planning to go the old route. He is planning huge government spending on programs that will funnel more and more money to public schools and their Democrat teacher unions, auto worker unions (the Big 3 bailout) and even Amtrak, the dilapidated and inefficient passenger railroad system.


Should conservatives be absolutists? No. Liberals are absolutists. Conservatives should take a strong stance, but allow leeway for compromise as they have in the past.


For instance, conservatives should oppose unchecked immigration – which most Americans do – but should make clear that they support the lawful and orderly aspirations of immigrants since we are all immigrants.


Conservatives should oppose the extremist policies of environmentalists, but should, and do, uphold the ideals of a clean environment and healthy wilderness areas. Nuclear power is one of the fastest ways to clean up the environment.


Conservatives should reach out to unregistered suburban and rural voters, but also to the inner cities with plans for school vouchers, job creation, and law and order.


Conservatives must support the aspirations of their daughters as well as their sons, but should never become extremists as liberals have in proclaiming that none of the historical roles of women are worth preserving. Conservatives must re-state that the family, fatherhood and motherhood are critical goals for keeping our society safe and sound.


To proceed toward prosperity, America must be rational in its ways, but the media have legitimized irrationality. Therefore it is the duty of conservatives to teach America that their agenda is the only one that can sustain us. Artists must learn that their own prosperity is based on economic growth. The poor must learn self-reliance. And taxpayers must realize that the bloated government bureaucracy is stealing from them.


Socialism claims to be about compassion, but it is not. It is a system of wealth transfer from productive people to non-productive people and from the rich who favor growth (running factories, making steel, generating electricity etc.) to the slothful rich who are not interested in growth, but in getting money (trial lawyers, urban financial paper-shufflers, media, entertainment etc.).


Conservatives must win back Middle America by explaining that its interests are with growth and restraint and giving, and that life is not a party for everyone to enjoy. Life is serious business, and that is the ultimate message of conservatism, and the only message that will sustain our culture.


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