Supreme Exalted Leader Limbaugh

In one of the musical spoofs that play regularly on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show,  a parody song called Barack the Magic Negro featured a fictitious Al Sharpton shouting through a bullhorn (as in a demonstration) to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon.


The term ‘Barack the magic negro’ first appeared in a Los Angeles Times column written in response to the Obama candidacy.


When Chip Saltsman of Tennessee, who is running for chairmanship of the Republican National Committee, used the parody as part of a promotional package, the media came down on him like two tons of bricks, and did their usual strip search of Limbaugh’s career, character, motivations and intentions. Even the international press got involved.


Interestingly the media repeatedly have described Limbaugh in two polar ways – as a dangerous right-wing demagogue, and then alternately as merely an entertainer with a lapdog audience. Yet when he successfully entertains us, as with Barack the Magic Negro, the media refuse to admit that he has… entertained us… and they put him in the ‘dangerous demagogue’ category with ‘racist’ thrown in for good measure.


What Limbaugh was doing with that parody was to fearlessly lampoon the self-righteous anger and hypnotic inner monologue within the Democrat party. Because Barack the Magic Negro is really a satire about whether Obama is “black enough”, which was the theme of the original LA Times column.


The Republican party naturally turned tail at the mention of the parody, leading even Newt Gingrich to hang Rush out to dry for fear of media reaction. Because those media never are interested in the truth about anyone including Limbaugh, but in creating their own reality and ginning up irrational hatred against anyone with an R after their name. Meanwhile the sissified Republicans have become mesmerized with placating the implacable media rather than confronting their hypocrises, their vileness and their distortions as Rush does every day, without hesitation.


For those who have never listened to Limbaugh long enough to “get” him, he truly is a political genius and has been so since his national debut in 1988. Limbaugh’s program is remarkably fresh every single day, and never repetitive. It keeps his audience on board five days a week, 3 hours a day, year after year.


If Limbaugh had pitched the concept of a middle-of-the-day political monologue on AM radio 20 years ago, the average program director would have said he was bonkers. Yet he has spawned a form of political communication that is so successful that the liberal opposition may soon seek to ban it as completely subversive.


Limbaugh far outshines the other big kahuna of equal national longevity – Bill Clinton. Rush entered the national public arena at the same time as “der schlickmeister”, as Limbaugh has unaffectionately tagged Clinton. The two have met only once, in a New York restaurant.


And the budding Clinton represented the perfect foil for the budding Limbaugh. Clinton represents all that Rush sees wrong in liberal America – narcissism, elitism, prejudice, selfishness, insecurity and arrogance.  Meanwhile Limbaugh’s humble commentaries are always aimed at the jugular, and gain their potency from their conspicuous truthfulness. And his faux superciliousness – occasionally bragging about his great wealth since he is not ashamed of it as liberals are of theirs – wears well with the faithful because it is comically anti-unpretentious. They just love Rush for what he does for them. Callers thank him repeatedly for his contribution to their sanity.


If Limbaugh had been caught in one single lie in his career, the media would have savaged him, but they haven’t. His repertory remains clear as glass, day after day. He was born to host and we were born to listen, he un-humbly tells his audience, keeping us smiling and appreciative of his insight and tenacity. Sometimes you just break out laughing at Limbaugh’s extraordinary pantheon of spot-on mimics (Clinton, McCain, Barney Frank, clueless postmodernist schoolchildren, panting leftist media wonks, the new castrati etc.).


He does entertain us, yes, at the same time that he is surgically disemboweling the crux of every day’s news. Awesome.


Perhaps this is the quality of Limbaugh that rankles liberals most. He is just so damned confident, funny, self-deprecating, smart and ambitious, all positive qualities that the worldwide left considers out of bounds and out of reach for the common man that Limbaugh proudly is. Born of modest means in small-town Missouri, Rush is never maudlin, pessimistic or angry. That does not mean that his prejudices are out of view, but rather are wrapped up in “one harmless lovable little fuzzball” as Limbaugh describes himself.


It is his everyday sensibilities that draw America to him, as Reagan’s did. And these are the sensibilities of conservatism that need to be re-cultivated in the garden of American exceptionalism, those developed far from the ivy walls of price-gouging Harvard and the snobby pages of  the New York Times. And while the media elite is threatened with economic ruin, the simple Limbaugh slogs on with sponsors like joint pain relievers, mail-order steak companies, adjustable beds and cold remedies.


Yet the increasingly middle-of-the-road Republican party seems to want to distance itself from Limbaugh and Limbaugh is only too happy to distance himself from the dreaded moderates. He routinely condemns those who sit on the fence.


“Moderate” Colin Powell – who voted for Obama, by the way –  recently savaged Limbaugh: “Is this really the kind of party that we want to be when these kinds of spokespersons (Limbaugh) seem to appeal to our lesser instincts rather than our better instincts?” This came after Limbaugh openly charged that Powell was supporting Obama only on the basis of race.


And to what “lesser” instincts is Limbaugh appealing? conservatives wonder.


Apparently to the wishy-washy Republican elite – whom Limbaugh disdainfully refers to as “country clubbers” – anyone who stands up for core conservative principles is dragging down the brand. Limbaugh disagrees. He wishes they all were more like him – confrontational and courageous. “Conservatism wins every time it’s tried,” Limbaugh boasts rightfully.


Limbaugh actually rejects that very notion that he is a Republican, and calls himself only a “conservative” who has no love for the Republicans who seem to find increasing solace in compromising with Democrats. In that compromise, Limbaugh sees oblivion.


Because compromise is not possible with the increasingly leftist party that the Democrats have become. That is why Limbaugh is so crucial. Because with the worldwide media way over on the left, worldwide academia in the same place, the growing feminization of world culture, the rise of multiculturalism, the rise of homosexuality and the decline of manhood, the belligerent certainty of enviro hucksters like Al Gore and his ‘global warming’ scam, the increase in the number of dependents who now rely on the government, these all are powerful forces that are pushing our nation left. And Limbaugh has drawn a line in the sand and invites us to cross it.


Is Rush Limbaugh the Martin Luther King of American conservatives? Not to disparage the achievements of King or to compare the two directly, but in a way, yes he is. Who is the one national spokesman – not elected to office, like King – for the unswerving devotion to the principles that any people must follow to fight the power that oppresses them? Who is singularly despised by the opposition and seen as a threat to its power? Who has the faculty of oratory that draws in the audience? Yet Limbaugh is even more. His sense of humor is indefatigable, his timing is precise and he knows well the enemy – the merlot-drinking, tree-hugging liberal elites  – “like every square inch of my glorious naked body” says the Missourian.


In fact it is Limbaugh ability to buck up and make us laugh in times of crisis that keeps his audiences coming back, such as following the GOP defeats of 2006 and 2008. And without Limbaugh backing Bush in 2000, those 537 votes that Bush won Florida by would never have been cast.


Naturally all the Angry Liberal Pundits who have been fuming since Florida 2000 and before now are dismissing Limbaugh and the entire conservative movement as a washed-up group of angry militiamen huddling in their supremacist retreats for weekly meetings to voodoo blacks, gays, Hispanics and all the rest. Yet events are showing that America needs Limbaugh and the conservative movement more than ever. Just look at the way that eight years of Bill Clinton set the stage for 9/11. Or witness the massive corruption among big Democrat operatives and donors in the current fiscal crisis, people like Barney Frank, Richard Fuld, Franklin Raines, James Johnson, Peter Kraus, Robert Rubin and Bernie Madoff – while John McCain and George Bush and the GOP warned about the coming collapse.


Limbaugh is the tent peg that is holding down the rational side of the debate in the high winds of post-industrial America. Without his anchor, the left will do to America what it has achieved worldwide – undermined free and capitalistic societies with endless government intrusion, left-wing utopianism and pure hogwash. With the do-nothing media backing socialism – which is a do-nothing ideology – along with hordes of increasingly entitled citizens, we are getting, as Limbaugh says, more people riding in the wagon and fewer people pulling. Riders include everyone from welfare recipients to overpaid civil servants to Social Security scammers. And every person who shifts from pulling to riding is a double blow to the progress of the nation – you have, in a single stroke, one less puller and one more rider.


Liberals know that they can count on conservatives to do the pulling because that it what conservatives believe in. And it will reduce conservatism to serfdom and our nation to penury if the riders continue to lead us. Republicans thus must realize that it is only Limbaugh who is putting the debate in such stark terms, which is necessary for our national survival and prosperity.


Rush Limbaugh is the intellectual star of the pulling classes, or rather “the people who make the country work” – as he affectionately calls his audience. Yes, conservatives indeed are not nearly so refined as the elite left with its college pedigrees, its snarky dinner-party chatter, its righteous rage and its NPR tote bags. But much smarter and possessing the form of intelligence on which all other intelligence is based – common sense.


Conservatives are Rush Limbaugh himself – just a kid from Missouri who had a dream and worked to attain it without help from above, i.e., government and the university elites. Limbaugh frequently laments his disdain for formal education. He hated school and routinely disparages the foundations of conservative utopia – marriage and children.


Oh, well.


Limbaugh is warning what will happen if we elevate the slackers like Al Gore whose $100 million fortune emanates from giving speeches about the end of the world. Those are the kinds of speeches that Rush Limbaugh tries to counter, with good cheer, each and every weekday, from noon to three. Eastern time.


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