Washington Woodstock

 Watch out. Here comes Washington Woodstock.


Just in time to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the dreadful baby-boomer Woodstock rock concert debauchery in upstate New York in the summer of 1969, some of the same ‘hippies’, older and grayer now, are going to gather in Washington to celebrate Obama’s installation into the presidency on January 20.


Throngs are expected to gather for four days of peace and love and music. The inauguration itself is Tuesday, January 20 but the festivities are expected to start Saturday, January 17 and extend to the morning of the 21st.


This celebration is to be expected. After all, liberals will make any excuse to take time off from work. That is why you cannot rely on them to keep the nation running. The DC city council even has approved an extension of the operating hours for the city’s bars until 5 AM to accommodate the anticipated party-goers.


What kind of message is this in these times of economic crisis?


It is this: Democrats, as usual, are thinking only about their own pleasure and fun. And the marijuana and LSD of Woodstock now will be replaced by drugs like Viagra and Boniva.


Will Woodstock alumni Jimi Hendrix play for Obama?


No, he died of a drug overdose in 1971, one of the millions of casualties of the 1960s era of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, the destructive lifestyle that was advocated by the same people who love Obama and hate Bush.


The more things change, the more they stay the same. Back in Woodstock 1969, the seeds were planted for the decadent culture that Obama represents. Not Obama himself personally, of course. He was smart like all the elites, keeping his own family and marriage intact while his free-for-all leftist cultural ideology encouraged, excused and condoned divorce, abortion, drug abuse, alcoholism, debauchery, sexual promiscuity, adultery, single motherhood, sloth, homosexuality and AIDS, nihilism, media degeneracy and broken families which all combined to rent America’s social fabric divorce by divorce, abortion by abortion, sex act by sex act.


Meanwhile many of the hippies of the 1960s became the materialist yuppies of the 1980s. While they preached anti-materialism back in the day, they then cut their hair, went off to Yale and Wall Street and learned how to make the money they love with more passion than anyone else. They will all be there to praise materialist-in-chief Barack Obama.


Who else will be there for Obama?


America’s blacks for sure, feeling the great uplifting which they certainly deserve. Their struggle has paid off. Because Obama’s inauguration is more about civil rights than it is about liberalism, because liberalism has worked to destroy civil rights. Just go into Democrat-controlled inner-city America and witness the carnage.


But truth be told, the Woodstock Generation that is going to converge on Washington for the 20th  of January was strangely absent from the civil rights struggles of the 1950s and 1960s that led to Obama in the first place. Most of them were white college kids were too busy taking drugs and having sex to care about anyone except themselves, utterly insulated from the harsh realities of the day by their prosperous parents and a growing economy.


They were too busy admiring themselves in the media to take note of the really difficult issues facing the nation, the same hippies who told us back in the 1960s that full-employment, prosperous 1950s America was a horrible place of repression and stasis. That is the same full-employment economy that they now say they want for the nation, but that their socialist policies have now made impossible to repeat with their agenda of excessive taxation, heavy-handed regulation and environmentalist zealotry that are causing America to backslide into economic stasis.


Other celebrants will be in Washington too, like the swarms of colorless unionized worker-bee government employees and public school teachers who are robbing the taxpayer blind while they get the best pay/benefit/pension plans of all workers. They learned about the miracle of government from their socialist mentors in the Woodstock Generation, for whom government was seen as the solution to all problems, and not the problem itself. Big-government Obama is their new messiah.


The Woodstock culture was so proud of its 1969 event. “Look we had a big rock concert and a half-million people showed up, and everything was peace and love,” they say.


Like heck. Back in ’69, the New York State National Guard had to fly in food and medical supplies to save all those happy hippie concert-goers from… themselves. Then of course, like the narcissists they were and are, the hippies left the concert site a stinking, filthy mess just as their policies have left America a mess today.


So who will fly in and save America today?  Obama?


No. In the big picture, America has moved too far to the left to regain her economic footing without major economic changes at every level from local to state to federal. Obama won’t do that. That will take a genuine Reagan-like reformer who is willing to aggressively tackle an agenda of real “change”, not the superficial socialist change that Obama ran on.


Our nation will emerge from its current difficulties only if we slowly and methodically move to abandon wholesale the policies hatched at Woodstock and at Yale in the 1960s, the failed policies that will be celebrated on January 20, 2009.


Only when our nation returns unabashedly to free markets, low taxes, growth, opportunity and prosperity will we learn the real lessons of economic life, the ones that the Woodstock Generation never learned and never will accept.


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