Caroline Kennedy: Dry As Toast

          Caroline Schlossberg is one lucky woman. She has major name recognition and could be headed for a big political appointment to represent a major state in the United States Senate in Washington, DC.


Unfortunately, the media have been calling her by the wrong name. Strangely they continue to call her by her maiden name – Caroline Kennedy – in order to grease the skids for her entry into the Senate from New York State to fill the seat left open when Hillary Clinton becomes secretary of state in the Obama administration .


Mrs. Edwin Schlossberg is the only surviving member of the family of president John F. Kennedy who was assassinated in Dallas in 1963. Mrs. Schlossberg’s mother Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis died in 1994 and her only sibling, brother John F. Kennedy Jr., died in a plane crash in 1999.


Dry as toast, Mrs. Schlossberg is lucky to have her family name. Otherwise she would not have a chance. She has about as much charisma as a turnpike toll collector but her political pedigree makes her a shoo in.


Mindlessly liberal, a member in good standing of New York City’s left-wing social milieu, involved in all the fundraising and other feelgood activities of a faithful Democrat, pro-Obama, and just another Kennedy, her lack of experience should not get in the way of her becoming the next US senator from New York. After all, look at the experience level of the guy we just elected president. 


The seat she wants to fill has a rich history. Mrs. Schlossberg’s uncle Robert F. Kennedy once held it. Daniel Patrick Moynihan did too. In January 2001, Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill officially moved from 8 years in the White House to Chappaqua, New York, which is a town in the ritzy suburbs just north of New York City. They previously had established residence there so that Hillary could run for that seat in 2000, a race that she won.


At that time, the nation as a whole was prospering economically, but Upstate New York, which is a 40,000 square mile empire that is largely rural and small town, was suffering. Upstate had bustled with American commerce for 150 years as the Erie Canal cut east-west through the center of it, followed on the same route by the behemoth 4-track main line of the New York Central railroad on its famous Water Level Route from New York to Chicago. Upstate urban centers like Amsterdam, Rome, Syracuse, Binghamton, Utica, Rochester and Buffalo thrived.


But in the last 50 years, Upstate has declined like many rural parts of the northern industrial belt of America as the economy has shifted to the sunny South.


As part of her 2000 campaign, Hillary made a “listening tour” of Upstate as if to act like she really cared about the people there, when traditionally Upstate had tended to vote Republican. But 2000 marked something of a turning point. Rural folks in New York State and everywhere else, after years of indoctrination by CNN, Oprah and the Today show, were starstruck with the former First Lady who promised to make things better economically for them by using her “contacts”. What she meant was that, if elected, she would talk to certain powerful people she knew and see if they could swing some government cash and contracts to the people of rural New York.


It was a hopeless errand, and it did not work. While Hillary promised in her campaign to created 200,000 new jobs for Upstate, she ultimately did only some token things like helping to win a few million dollars for the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, put Upstate farmers together with New York City restaurants (wow, there’s a real bonanza. Pass the belgian endive, please…) but otherwise managed to preside over the destruction of 35,000 jobs from the Upstate economy between her initial entry into the Senate in January 2001 and the beginning of her re-election campaign  in January 2006.


No mind, somehow the people of Upstate, completely oblivious to the connection between the Democrat party and their economic decline, gave her surprisingly strong support in her re-election in 2006.


Now along comes Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. Within a week of being mentioned as a possible replacement for Hillary in the Senate – through appointment by New York’s Democrat governor –  she too went on whole one-day “listening tour” of the dreary rural purgatory north of 72nd Street in Manhattan, a place she probably never had visited before but may have read about in books like Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


But what did she actually do on that tour?


She bee-lined it for Democrat outposts in urban Buffalo and Syracuse, and chatted with officials there.


And what did she say to reporters afterward?


How about this:  “I wanted to come upstate to meet with (Syracuse) Mayor Driscoll and others to tell them about my experience and also to learn more about how Washington can help.”


‘Learn more about how Washington can help?’


 What planet does this female come from?


Oh, yes, Planet Manhattan.


Driscoll later said that Kennedy spoke about her background in education during the meeting.


“Certainly it’s no secret that her family has been very involved over the years, so she discussed some of that,” Driscoll said, adding that he told her about the concerns of Upstate including the need for uninterrupted rail service, the environmental movement in Syracuse, and the challenges facing downtown communities in the region.


This is just Hillary redux. Mrs. Schlossberg is an elite New York City liberal who couldn’t care less about the concerns of Upstaters, just as Hillary did not. These “listening tours” were and are nothing more than vote-fishing expeditions to make it appear that each cared about the whole state when everyone knows that Democrats care only about New York City, Albany and other liberal bastions that will put them over 50% on election day, while they consider the rest of America as just a bunch of moose-hunting Sarah Palin types. Liberals’ gruesome attitudes toward these “other” Americans really  came out in the 2008 presidential election.


But the big question is: How, Mrs. Schlossberg, is Washington going to help Upstate? Washington is $10 trillion in debt.


This is the way that liberals see the world. They do not see people creating their own wealth and their own destinies under the free economy. It is always “How can the government help?”


Problem is, Democrat policies do everything possible to thwart economic growth. Over the last 30 years, development in Upstate New York has been thwarted first by ruinous statewide economic policies imposed by the increasingly Democrat-controlled political machine including crushing taxation (8.25% statewide sales tax), out-of-control income taxes and state spending, a bloated bureaucracy, greedy and powerful state-employee labor unions, huge handouts to the welfare-staters down in the City, and even a judge’s order that the rest of the state cough up extra cash for the corrupt New York City school system, controlled by you-know-who.


Meanwhile, however, it is environmentalist policies that are the real Enemy #1 to rural development not only in New York State but everywhere. And since Mrs. Schlossberg’s cousin, fellow Manhattanite Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is America’s #1 Environmentalist, you can just see the connection. The state of Oregon alone lost 30,000 rural logging jobs in the 1990s over the phony ‘spotted owl’ controversy. Meanwhile every other rural county across the nation has seen environmental activists attempt to block everything from logging, to mining, to factory construction, to housing, to even the erection of a set of four cell-phone towers along the Northway (Intestate 87 connecting New York City to Montreal) intended to help stranded motorists along lonely stretches of the road.


Rural Americans are finding life in their environments increasingly unsustainable. While much of this certainly is natural – for instance, logging, mining and farming have become much more mechanized, requiring fewer workers – the rest of it comes from the policies of urban Democrats and environmentalists making rural life all but impossible through endless micro-management, taxation, regulation and obstruction.


Mrs. Schlossberg probably can have the Senate seat if she wants it. After all, she is entitled as a Kennedy. And she will continue to conduct business as usual, doing for the rest of America what her party’s policies are doing to place like Upstate New York. And that will be the most damaging legacy of all for those who understand it before this appointment goes forth.


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