Obama Enviro, Energy Picks Troubling

President-elect Obama has made some moves to the center on economics and national security. This is to be expected because further economic erosion or a domestic terrorist attack will doom his presidency.


But he plans to move the country to the left in other areas like the legal arena with the nomination of Eric Holder as attorney general. And just as significantly, Obama’s choices for energy secretary and for sectary of the Interior Department all point in a direction that is not encouraging.


At his December 15 press conference, Obama said that he will nominate Steven Chu as energy secretary; Nancy Sutley as the chair of the Council on Environmental Quality in the White House; Lisa Jackson as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency; and Clinton-era EPA administrator Carol Browner to a new post in the White House to coordinate “energy and climate policy”.


Added to this is Obama’s nomination of Democrat Colorado US senator Ken Salazar as secretary of the interior, which is another step in the direction of energy restriction and price increases.


Here are excerpts from Obama’s press conference announcing the chioces, with comments:


Obama: “All of us know the problems rooted in our addiction to foreign oil – it constrains our economy, shifts wealth to hostile regimes, and leaves us dependent on unstable regions. These urgent dangers are eclipsed only by the long-term threat of climate change, which – unless we act – will lead to drought and famine abroad, devastating weather patterns and terrible storms on our shores, and the disappearance of our coastline at home.”


Comment: This is the standard enviro boilerplate. Our “addiction” to foreign oil is nothing more than the use of petroleum, 70% foreign, to grow our economy. And since the American economy is called the ‘economic engine’ of the world, our use of oil is wise in order to help all the world’s people. We should be developing our own domestic oil resources, however, to reduce our reliance on foreign sources, but it is Obama and his enviro friends who are blocking us.


Obama’s reference to “climate change” is more enviro scaremongering. It used to be called ‘global warming’ until that whole notion was debunked. Just look at the vicious December weather across the US, with snow in New Orleans on December 11 and minus 50 wind chills in North Dakota on the 13th. And a thousand other examples.


The term “climate change” is false too, because the climate always has changed over both long and short periods. Why is it suddenly being blamed on man’s activities?


“Terrible storms on our shores”? Those have always existed. And the nonsense about sea levels rising and swallowing our cities, which has been promulgated by Gore for years, is totally bogus.


Obama: “Yet our dependence on foreign oil has only grown, even as the world’s resources are disappearing.”


Comment: There is 12 to 16 times as much in known oil reserves remaining in the earth as mankind has used in the last 150 years since the first modern-day oil well was drilled in Pennsylvania in 1859. You can read about it here And most of the planet is still unexplored. We are not running out of oil.


Obama: “The pursuit of a new energy economy requires a sustained, all-hands-on-deck effort because the foundation of our energy independence is right here, in America – in the power of wind and solar; in new crops and new technologies; in the innovation of our scientists and entrepreneurs, and the dedication and skill of our workforce.”


Comment: Yet we have huge amounts of fossil fuels that we cannot use because of obstruction by people like Obama and enviro pressure groups. And we cannot use the most efficient energy source ever devised by man – nuclear power – because of the same groups. Briton James Lovelock, the founder of the modern enviro movement, and Patrick Moore, the founder of Greenpeace, are both pro-nuclear.


Obama: “As we face this challenge, we can seize boundless opportunities for our people. We can create millions of jobs, starting with a 21st Century Economic Recovery Plan that puts Americans to work building wind farms, solar panels, and fuel-efficient cars.”


Comment: Notice he does not say the word “ethanol”. Because 5 years ago, the environmentalists said that ethanol was going to be a miracle energy source too, and it has totally failed. The ethanol industry worldwide is shutting down after just a few years of operation. Windmills and solar panels are equally inefficient and far too costly. And fuel-efficient cars have been offered on the American market since World War II – Volkswagen, Toyota Corolla, Chevy Chevette, Dodge Neon etc. Yet Al Gore and his radical enviro friends have never purchased them, while they are the people who are demanding “fuel efficient” cars most vociferously.


Obama: “We must also recognize that the solution to global climate change must be global. I spoke a few days ago with Senator John Kerry, who updated me on the recent climate negotiations in Poland. Just as we work to reduce our own emissions, we must forge international solutions to ensure that every nation is doing its part.”


Comment: This is Obama planning to cave in to every wacky socialist/enviro treaty that the left can dream up. And these treaties represent one thing only: An attack on our capitalist system and the turning of our basic energy supplies over to environmentalists who will destroy our economy.


Now Obama has chosen Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist as his secretary of energy. Don’t let the Nobel Prize part fool you. The awarding of that prize has been taken over by leftists who give it virtually exclusively to people who promote world socialism. Even that kook economist Paul Krugman at the New York Times has won it They gave it to Al Gore even through Gore has been preaching a completely refuted theory of ‘global warming’. Gore at one point testified before Congress that sea levels were going to rise 17 feet and submerge our coastal cities. This is pure bunk. Over the last 20 years, sea levels have risen ZERO and give no indication of rising anywhere at any time.


Chu is said to have been working to push “breakthrough research” in wind, solar and biofuels. This is nonsense. These are old technologies that have been around for 50 years. If they don’t work now, they never will unless the enviros manage to so restrict our traditional energy supplies so as to push up prices  and make wind and solar competitive. That is why ecologists are restricting oil, coal, nat gas and nuclear power, in order to make them expensive and make wind and solar seem reasonable. Which they will be. At three times the price we now are paying for energy.  


Colorado US senator Salazar, a moderate liberal Democrat, a hispanic and a 5th generation Coloradan, is a poor choice for secretary of the Interior Department at a crucial time when we need to be increasing our domestic energy supplies. In naming Salazar, Obama said that under Salazar the Interior Department would not sit back “waiting for whoever has the most access in Washington to extract what they want.”


 Only problem is, fewer and fewer resources are being extracted these days, with enviro obstruction the rule rather than the exception. And at the urging of his eco-donors and other enviro supporters, Salazar is going to move even further to restrict traditional energy resource extraction across the energy-rich American West under the pretext of a Westerner protecting his home territory. Salazar appeared in a Stetson cowboy hat and a string tie at the announcement to make that point.


This is nonsense. Salazar’s policies will be dictated from New York, Hollywood and San Francisco. Coming from Colorado, Salazar probably will seek to further restrict the possibility of developing Colorado oil shale which could produce 2 TRILLION barrels of oil from petroleum that is trapped in rock formations.


Here are some of Salazar’s political positions, with comments:


*Salazar voted YES on addressing CO2 emissions without considering India & China. Comment: This gives India and communist China, which both pollute heavily, an unfair advantage in world trade and industrial production and lets them off the hook on the ‘global warming’ frenzy that enviros are trying to impose on the US.


*Salazar voted YES on disallowing an oil leasing program in Alaska‘s ANWR. Comment: ANWR has massive oil reserves and should be tapped. This is a crucial strike against Salazar.


*Salazar voted YES on  a recommendation to reduce oil usage by 40% by 2025. Comment: This is unrealistic and is not a good sign for a secretary of the interior.


*Salazar voted YES on banning drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Comment: This is more energy restriction when we should be producing more of our own domestic energy.


*Salazar voted for a tax credit for gas stations providing 85% ethanol fuel. Comment: Ethanol is an economic and environmental disaster. His support is troubling.


*Salazar voted to set a goal of 25% renewable energy by 2025. Comment: This is unrealistic environmentalist idealism and dangerous for our economy.


This is the way that Obama is going to really move our nation to the left and put it under the control of government socialists. Americans may not initially make the connection between all these ‘soft’ energy sources and the economic decline that will accompany them, but once they do, Obama will be exposed and we will need to begin an aggressive program to restore the energy sources that have given the whole world the highest living standards in history.


Even in nominating former Iowa governor Vilsack as secretary of agriculture, Obama said that our farm fields hold the key to energy independence, as in ethanol production. This is ludicrous. When Americans see what Obama does to our energy supplies, they will vote him out in 2012.


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