Blagojevich: Business as Usual

Liberal CNN commentator Roland Martin is among the myriad observers who have expressed feigned shock at the scandal surrounding Democrat Illinois governor Blagojevich. Martin says in a recent column that ‘the vast majority of politicians in the Land of Lincoln (Illinois) are well-meaning people who truly care about the public trust and don’t sell their office to the highest bidder.



Yes, certainly, but that does not explain the inordinately high percentage of corruption.


And a curious thing is happening. In naming a handful of Illinois politicians who committed wrongdoing, Martin strangely fails to mention their party affiliation.


Martin discusses Chicago Alderman Arenda Troutman, former city clerk James Laski, former Illinois governor George Ryan, former Chicago patronage chief Robert Sorich and former Cicero town president Betty Loren-Maltese as just a few of the guilty. He says that he could write another 5,000 words about corruption, but Martin is being coy. He could write a hundred volumes about corruption in American politics, and 90% of it would be about Democrats.


Naturally, there has been much talk about former Republican governor Ryan. Other than that, there’s been little talk about party affiliation. Fox News reported that NBC did not even mention that Blagojevich was a Democrat during one extended morning news report, while the talking heads are all dutifully reporting that there’s plenty of corruption “on both sides” politically.


That is nonsense. Corruption in America is overwhelmingly Democrat.


Just think about it: The cities of America, controlled by Democrat party machines, are the places where the overwhelming majority of political fraud and corruption occurs and everyone knows it. Only thing is most corruption is never caught, and all of it is listed under the heading Business As Usual.


Payoffs, kickbacks, bribery, extortion, patronage jobs, cronyism, sweetheart deals, mafia deals, envelopes full of cash, political offices sold to the highest bidder – these are the foundations of the Democrat party. It indeed is The Party of Corruption.


When you think about corruption, what immediately comes to mind?


How about labor unions, Democrat party machines, Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, St. Louis, patronage jobs, New York City, organized crime, Cleveland, Detroit. And on and on.


Corruption is synonymous with our cities. 




Because liberals choose to live easy and decadent lives in those cities. They don’t get their hands dirty. Then when much of the nation’s wealth is concentrated and serviced in the cities, they see that wealth as theirs to control through the political process.




Meanwhile, it was amusing to watch congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., the son of so-called ‘civil rights leader’ Jesse Jackson holding a press conference on Wednesday trying to explain that he had nothing to do with allegations that someone representing him had offered Blagojevich up to $1 million in campaign help in exchange for giving Jackson Jr. the US Senate seat vacated by Obama.


Jackson Jr. acted like a clueless school kid after he was identified as ‘Senate Candidate #5’ in the FBI complaint against Blagojevich, like OJ saying he never did anything wrong.


Jackson Jr. said he met with Blagojevich on December 8 “for the first time in years” to suggest that he (Jackson Jr.) should be appointed to the US Senate job, but that no deals have been offered that he knew about.


Said Jackson Jr. of Blagojevich’s alleged attempt to sell the Senate appointment to the highest bidder: “If these allegations are proved true, I am outraged by the appalling, pay-to-play schemes hatched at the highest levels of our state government. Sadly, today’s criminal complaint casts another dark, wide cloud over our state. The people of Illinois deserve better.”


Shocked, just shocked!


What a load of bull that is, coming from the son of Jesse ‘Shakedown’ Jackson, the activist who virtually invented the modern version of pay-to-play, who has threatened and harassed private companies for decades to give money to his causes or he would start picketing those companies and smearing them in public. Most companies have complied. It is nothing more than extortion.


Jackson Jr. added that he has been such a diligent congressman that he has only missed two votes in his entire 13-year Washington career, which is no surprise. Every time a Chicago Democrat like Jackson Jr. votes, he is voting himself and his cronies cash, and Democrats never miss a pay day. Because that is the Democrat party’s sole purpose for existing: To get as much public money as possible – legally, illegally or unethically, it makes no difference.


At the same time, Obama is finding himself in a pickle having denied that he talked about his vacant Senate seat with governor Blagojevich while Obama’s own chief adviser David Axelrod already had said, “I know he’s (Obama has) talked to (Blagojevich), and there are a whole range of names, many of which have surfaced, and I think he has a fondness for a lot of them.”


But Obama himself said, “I have not discussed the Senate seat with the governor at any time.” 


So who is right? Is this the beginning of the first cover-up even before Obama gets inaugurated?


Now we must wonder exactly who in the Obama camp had contact with Blagojevich. And now Axelrod even has recanted his statement. So stories are changing and the lies are flying. Welcome to the Obama administration.


Obama continued, “Like the rest of the people of Illinois I am saddened and sobered by the news that came out of the U.S. attorney’s office today.”


Another load of bull. Obama was born and bred of this type of corruption. That is how he got where he is and that is why conservatives warned about him during the election. But the gullible people who voted for Obama will believe anything this guy says.


It is now being suggested that the Illinois General Assembly call a special election to fill Obama’s vacant seat since the entire appointment process under Blagojevich has been tainted.


That would be a good idea, rather than letting the Democrat party steal yet another election right from under our noses. Because they will do that without missing a payoff if they can get away with it. Because they always have.


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