Gore's Energy Dreams... or Nightmares?

The most crucial issue facing America today is energy. Energy is the source of our wealth because it is the element that allows us to do the work needed to create wealth. Therefore our energy supply will determine our future.

Al Gore and his friends have created a fantasy world in which the planet allegedly is heating up because of our oil and coal use, when in fact the statistics show that we are in a cooling period. No mind. That is just an Inconvenient Truth.

Gore now is urging a conversion of our entire energy infrastructure. Here are recommendations from Gore’s own website (in italics), with common-sense rebuttals:

Immediately commence a clean energy plan that includes efficiency, generation, transmission, and transportation.Energy Efficiency: A national upgrade to eliminate waste, save money, and improve comfort. Make every bit of energy we produce work harder for us.

Rebuttal: This is the same boilerplate that environmentalists have been spouting since the 1970s. Yet our economy today is producing twice as much wealth per unit of energy consumed (is twice as efficient) as it was in the 1950s not because Al Gore instructed us how, but simply because our capitalist system naturally gravitates toward efficiency.

*Renewable Generation: Accelerate the ramp-up of clean, renewable electricity sources through policies that support increased private and public investment in technologies that work, like wind, solar, and geothermal. *

Rebuttal: The “public investment” that Gore is talking about are the massive government subsidies needed to keep sources like wind power alive. Otherwise, wind power will die like ethanol did. Ethanol production worldwide is shutting down after only a few years because it does not work. Ethanol is being produced in America only because of government subsidies.

Wind power is another completely inefficient source. Think of it this way. “Economies of scale” are a fact of life. For instance, if you needed to bake 1,000 cakes every day, you wouldn’t make the batter one cake at a time and then bake the cakes one at a time. You would make all the batter at once and then bake the cakes in a large-scale oven. Because it is more efficient.

So imagine you have a 1,000 megawatt nuclear reactor. Gore says that if you break that down into 1,000 separate 1-megawatt windmills, that it would be cost-effective. Yet we know from economies of scale that, just on a conceptual level, the opposite is true, that you would be investing much more in capital in hardware and labor for all those separate generating units, and actually producing much less electricity per dollar invested.

But wait, there’s more.

Here’s a trick question: If you need to install 1,000 megawatts of electrical capacity, and each windmill generates 1 megawatt, how many windmills do you need?

Think about this before answering. Take a minute.

One-thousand, you say?

Well, yes, if the wind blows 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, which it does nowhere in the world.

If the wind only blows 12 hours a day – as it does in many places – you would need to install… two-thousand windmills. If the wind only blows 8 hours a day – as it does in many places – you would need to install… three-thousand windmills. If the wind only blows 4 hours a day – as it does in many places – you would need to install… six-thousand windmills.

See how inefficient wind energy is? If we listen to Gore, wind energy will consume all of our energy investment capital and leave us with only a fraction of the energy that we need.

In Texas in the Spring of 2008, 1,100 megawatts of wind power simply disappeared from the grid because the wind stopped blowing. Is this the type of energy system we want? Do you want your lights going out in the middle of the day? Or your computers?

And if solar panels are so great, like Gore thinks, why doesn’t every home have them?

Answer: Because they do not work. In fact, after the hugely excessive electricity consumption at Gore’s own Nashville mansion was revealed to the public in 2007, he installed solar panels and other “energy-saving” devices. After he installed them, his electricity consumption increased 10 percent! So why should we listen to Gore?

Unified National Smart Grid: Modernize transmission infrastructure so that clean electricity generated anywhere in America can power homes and businesses across the nation; Build national electricity ‘interstates’ that move power quickly and cheaply to where it is needed; Establish local smart grids that buy and sell power from households and support clean plug-in cars.

Rebuttal: Hey Al, there is not one single household or business in America that is lacking electricity today because our power grid is outdated. Yet Gore wants some big new expensive power grid. Why?

Because he wants to appear as if he has some magical answer to all of our problems, which he doesn’t. He simply wants to throw money at energy, and then catch it himself, along with all his enviro friends. This whole ‘green energy’ movement is about one thing: Making people like Gore richer and richer while the rest of us get poorer and poorer because energy costs will skyrocket as a result of Gore policies.

And where would all the capital come from for that new grid?Gore doesn’t have it. He thinks it will magically appear because he says so.

*Automobiles: Transition to efficient plug-in cars that ‘fuel’ with clean electricity. In combination with the unified grid, a nationwide fleet of plug-in vehicles also provides a key source of electricity storage. *

Rebuttal: Here’s the truth about electric cars: Electric-powered vehicles actually pollute more than gasoline-powered cars. Because the pollution is created at the electrical generating plant, not at the car’s tailpipe. And electricity is a highly-refined resource that should be used not for cars, but for applications for which there is no alternative like electric motors, light bulbs, computers, refrigerators etc.

Electricity loses much energy in its production. Think of it like this: If you took a typical car like an efficient Toyota Corolla with its gasoline-powered engine and put in 10 gallons of fuel, the car would go X number of miles.

If you took that same engine out of the Corolla, hooked it up to spin an electrical generator, put in 10 gallons of fuel and then ran a plug-in electric car of the same weight as the Corolla over the same route on the electricity that is produced by that 10 gallons of fuel, it would only run a fraction of the number of miles. Because you lose lots of energy when you convert to electricity.

Gore ignores this reality, as does the entire enviro movement.

Electric cars do not work. They are huge energy hogs. Unless you want to drive to work in a golf cart in which case a gasoline-powered golf cart would be more efficient than an electric one.

Obama now is promising $150 billion over 10 years for ‘renewable’ energy. Yet if wind power is so efficient, it wouldn’t need the subsidy. This $150 billion really is nothing more than a transfer of taxpayer wealth to people like Gore and his environmentalist friends to further demagogue us on the subject of energy. Gore testified before Congress that ‘global warming’ would cause the seas to rise 17 feet, and then elsewhere he said they would rise only 2 feet.

Which is it, Al? Because there is not one shred of evidence anywhere on the planet that sea levels have risen even one millimeter because of ‘global warming’. None. Zero. Zip.

We must build nuclear power plants for reliable, abundant electricity. Yet millions have been frightened about nuclear power and radiation by the enviro movement.

So remember this:

*The United States detonated an atomic bomb 1,700 feet above the city of Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945 destroying the city and killing 150,00 people. The fearmongers said that the radiation from the blast would make the city uninhabitable for 10,000 years. They were wrong. People moved back into the city within one day of the blast, and have lived there continuously since.

*Three Mile Island in 1979 was called the worst nuclear accident in American history.

How many people died at TMI? Zero. Jimmy Carter even went right inside the reactor building after the accident. It was deemed the most dangerous place on the planet by the fearmongers in the enviro movement. Carter is alive and well today.

*Millions of American service personnel have served on and around nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines over the last 50 years with no sign of any problem.

Gore is an intellectual who would never be involved in something like the oil industry because that would require him to get his hands dirty, which intellectuals never do. Therefore he is feeding us pie-in-the-sky about windmills and ethanol so as to take down the oil industry and to build up Gore & Friends with the money that they are addicted to. This will lead us to disaster.

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