Obama Landslide Didn't Happen

After 50 years of relentless media attacks on American conservatism, Barack Obama was elected US president. Finally the Ancient Media got their way after so, so many attempts. Yet the Obama landslide predicted by many did not happen. And how he will govern is an open question.

First, consider all the conservative positions that Obama espoused in order to get elected – he said he favored offshore oil drilling, nuclear power, clean-coal technology, 2nd amendment gun rights, tax cuts for the middle class, keeping troops in Iraq until the job is done, building up the military and FISA terrorist eavesdropping legislation. He even professed himself to be a practicing, believing Christian. This sounds like George Bush!

Yet he contradicted virtually every one of these positions some time during the campaign itself. So he played both sides of the coin.

Of course he got elected. He pandered to everyone.

On the other hand, he ran an emotional ‘sad-sack’ campaign, constantly harping on the negativity in the country as in his half-hour infomercial last week. This has a powerful emotional appeal to people in a time of uncertainty and garnered him many votes.

Now look at what he said he would do in order to curry favor with the majority of voters: He said he would raise tax rates on wealthy people and on business. Yet business owners and wealthy people are the minority in America whose capital and ideas create jobs and wealth for the majority. His promise to hit them with increased taxes was simply populist pandering, and it will harm the economy because it will dissipate needed investment funds.

America could immediately boost its economy by doing one thing – lowering the corporate tax rate from 35% (second highest in the world) to 15%. This would attract thousands of companies and create millions of jobs. But Obama has no intention of doing that. And if he fails to stimulate the economy but instead uses the treasury as a piggy bank, he will be a one-term president.

Obama also promised many feelgood items that appealed to idealistic young voters like heavy government subsidies for alternative energy sources. Yet so far the experiment with alternatives has been a disaster. In Texas last Spring, 1,100 megawatts of electricity simply disappeared from the grid because the wind stopped blowing. Any grade school science student could tell you that this is going to happen. Meanwhile ethanol production has proven to be a disaster kept alive only by massive government funding. Investing more and more in ethanol and wind power will draw critical investment out of nuclear power – which Obama’s enviro allies will block wherever they can – and will harm our nation’s energy supply irrevocably.

But that didn’t stop Obama from promising just about anything to anyone to get elected, and reality be damned. This is how he won.

Yet after all this pandering, the Wednesday morning vote count shows Obama with 52.6% of the popular vote to John McCain’s 47.3%. This is hardly landslide material. In the 1984 election, Republican Ronald Reagan defeated Walter Mondale 59% to 41%. In 1972, Richard Nixon defeated George McGovern 61% to 38%. And even with McCain running a very uneven, uncharismatic and sometimes bumbling campaign, outspent roughly 4-to-1 and under savage media attack from the beginning, McCain still got 46%.

This is telling. Obama’s win is not nearly what it is being made out to be.

After 8 years of media assaults on Bush and Republicans in every single sentence of most major newspapers, network news broadcasts and magazines, and with an economic meltdown occurring in the middle of the election, Obama still did not get a landslide.

This says a lot.

House Democrats only picked up 12 seats to get to 248. And as of Wednesday morning, Republicans have at least 40 Senate seats and are expected to pick up 2 to 5 more, denying the Democrats the filibuster-proof 60-40 majority they need to ram through legislation without opposition. Jimmy Carter had 293 House Democrats and 61 US senators at one point during his presidential term (1977-81) yet he was kicked out of office in a bid for his second term because he mishandled the economy.

Meanwhile in this election, Florida and Arizona banned homosexual marriage while the California ban is still being counted. These are conservative positions.

Now look at some of the people who ran as Democrats. Multi-millionaire businessman Mark Warner won the US Senate seat in Virginia. Multi-millionaire businessman Bruce Lunsford ran for the US Senate but lost in Kentucky. Former Goldman Sachs executive Jim Himes defeated the only Republican congressman left in New England, Representative Chris Shays of Connecticut.

Are these bedraggled working-class socialist candidates?

No, they are just like those “rich Republicans” of the past that Democrats have been defaming for the last 100 years.

So why is wealth suddenly fashionable in government and in the media?

Because it is Democrat wealth, that’s why. One of the reasons Obama won Virginia is because wealthy pro-Obama entrepreneurs are concentrating in the northern part of the state, using Virginia as a base for growth and attracting many new people to Old Dominion. This all sounds very conservative, does it not?

The Republican party lost by representing, among others, lower-income white people in the suburbs and rural areas who have not benefited from economic growth. They are Palin conservatives, real hard-working Americans who are struggling like Joe the Plumber.

The media also did a magnificent job of covering up for congressional Democrats. With some approval polls of Congress as low as 9%, the media managed to hide that unpopularity in order to try and get as many Democrats elected as possible. There was no Democrat hurricane, however. 12 seats is a rainstorm.

The Republican party must now recongize that it has drifted from the conservative ideas… that helped Obama to get elected. If Democrats continue to run and to rule as Republicans favoring economic growth and business, nuclear power, tax cuts, gun rights and the rest, then conservatism has won the bigger case and country will prosper. If Democrats move to the left and ruin the economy, Obama will be out in 2012.

Now Obama must rule. He must deliver the change he has promised, and there are millions who are going to be mightily disappointed because Obama is not going to put a chicken in every pot. If the economy continues to sour and Obama goes the FDR route with huge handouts of government cash and make-work jobs, he will last one term – and less in the public mind.

This election had many parallels to 1976. People elected a relatively unknown Democrat named Jimmy Carter that year when the economy was in terrible shape. Four years later, the economy had sunk further and Carter was humiliated by Reagan.

If you watched Obama’s Chicago victory speech, it was a picture that most Americans would find troubling. Obama did not smile. He looked very angry. This does not bode well. He may be sensing his power rising, and he may try to rule from the vengeful left. Without 60 votes in the US Senate, that will be hard to do. And if he tries he will lose.

Conservatives won a backhanded victory in this election. Obama preached many conservative positions in order to get elected. If he veers off that path and the Democrats in Congress overreach with a far-left agenda, Republicans will re-take Congress in 2010 and the White House in 2012.

Sometimes that is what a movement needs – a wakeup call, a slap in the face and new leadership. That will lead to rebirth. Conservatism is alive and well. This election proved it.

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