Dude, That's some Good Smoke...

Note: The following is not a spoof to cheer up depressed conservatives. It is true.

Up here in La-La Land, also known as Massachusetts, voters went overboard in the usual way over three significant ballot questions. These questions give a pretty good indication of where this state is going with its 90% Democrat legislature, Ted Kennedy and Mike ‘The Souvlaki King’ Dukakis.

Question #1 asked if residents wanted to eliminate the state income tax. Massachusetts, of course, is one of the most highly-taxed states in the union. But public employee unions, whose salaries come out of tax receipts, put up huge amounts of money to defeat the measure, outspending the Committee for Small Government by 100 to 1.

Always remember that taxes for liberals are actually spelled W-A-G-E-S and tax increases are called ‘raises’. So all the do-nothing bureaucrats in the 400 Massachusetts divisions, agencies and bureaus chipped in to make sure that they would not possibly risk not getting any future raises. They helped defeat Question #1 by 69% to 31%. This comes on the heels of the legislature’s smug and intentional refusal in recent years to roll back the state’s income tax to 5% as promised, oh, about 10 years ago when it went up to 5.9% to get more money for all our crucial government programs.

Our thoroughly revolutionary Massachusetts liberals also approved vital Question #2, a life-or-death issue raised by the Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy, which saw voters approve the decriminalization of weed by a vote of 65% to 35%.

With the Massachusetts economy in free fall, it’s good to know that the legislature hates pro-business legislation, but that we can toke up legally when toiling at our dishwasher gigs.

Dude! Good smoke!

Question #3 was yet another trek down the memory lane of a once-proud state, the economic heart of America for 200 years. Today, thousands of skilled and educated people are leaving Massachusetts every year because the state is another worker’s paradise with crushing anti-business taxes and regulations, sky-high energy costs imposed by environmentalists, declining job opportunities, companies closing up or moving out, and poverty rising daily.

But that didn’t stop the animal-rights kooks from getting Question #3 on the ballot, to ban greyhound racing. They claimed the dogs were being abused, which means that dog racing nationwide, along with horse racing, probably are on the agenda after this job killer is implemented up here in our Socialist Seventh Heaven.

With unemployment increasing weekly, Question #3, which passed 57% to 43%, is expected to throw about 1,000 people out of work.

Note to RedState readers: Don’t waste your time visiting Massachusetts unless you want to come as a Peace Corps volunteer. Bring food and blankets! It is quickly becoming a serf state full of rich liberals, overpaid state workers including public schools teachers and turnpike toll collectors (average annual salary $70,000), a rapidly shrinking middle class, and everyone else poor and more than willing to rake leaves or shovel snow for the elites in exchange for a lump of coal.

Or if you just want to get stoned, pay a lot in taxes, and watch your neighbors who used to work at the dog track rent a U-Haul to head south, come on up to Beautiful Massachusetts! The state where the American Revolution was born!

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