Voting: A Privilege and a Duty, not a 'Right'!

It recently was reported that a school district in Florida was busing its 18-year-old students to register to vote, and then to the polls for early voting. So you wonder: What has happened to our notion of voting as a privilege and a civic duty undertaken by free individuals in our constitutional republic?

Should ‘the state’, in the form of the public schools, be taking anyone through the process of registration and voting?

The answer is no. If you wish to vote, you should go to the proper office in your town and register. You only need to do it once and you get to participate in elections for your whole life.

It comes down to the fundamental issue: “What is voting?”

Is voting ‘a right’ as Democrats seem to want us to think in order to justify actions like that of the Florida school district?

No. Nowhere in the Constitution is voting called ‘a right’. Because it is not ‘a right’.

Our real ‘ rights’ are freedom of speech, worship, assembly, gun ownership and the rest. Once you have secured those rights, you are afforded the privilege and duty to vote in a free nation.

The Constitution only outlined ways in which voting should be conducted, and how the privilege of voting is not to be usurped. The Founders never mentioned voting in the original Bill of Rights (Amendments 1 through 10) while the 12th Amendment sets up a system of electoral voting; the 15th Amendment establishes non-discrimination based on race; the 19th establishes non-discrimination on the basis of sex (suffrage); the 24th abolished poll taxes; and the 26th lowered the voting age to 18.

But never is voting described as ‘a right’ anywhere in the Constitution.

After all, dictatorships often have ‘elections’ where people have the ‘right’ to participate, but no freedom. Millions in Iraq voted for Saddam Hussein in the election of October 15, 2002, that actually was reported by some Western media as approval of the dictator. He got 100% of the vote. But Iraqis’ ‘right’ to vote had nothing to do with authentic God-given rights under constitutional rule.

The Democrat party, which repeatedly, intentionally and wrongfully calls voting ‘a right’, has used that argument to advocate voter participations that are friendly to the Democrat party like the Florida school district action. Also Democrats have advocated laws allowing people to register to vote at the Department of Motor Vehicles when they get a driver’s license. Which would be fine if the same Democrat party wasn’t doing everything in its power to give illegal aliens the right to acquire an American driver’s license.

Voter fraud, anyone?

Democrats advocate same-day voter registration where you register and vote on the same day, offering no time for election officials to verify who you are or that you are eligible to vote. That system is ripe for fraud.

A liberal judge in Ohio even ruled recently that homeless people could list the park bench where they sleep all day as their “address”. Is this the kind of people we want deciding elections?

Practices like early voting have watered down the essence of voting, which is that voting is something that you do on a specific day in honor of our freedom. Of course with large voter turnout expected today, one single period of multi-day voting might be a good change to our current system. How about the first weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, in November? That way voting would be held on two days when most people would be free one or both, so that voting would not have to be squeezed in before or after work on the first Tuesday.

The Democrat party has been involved in voter fraud for the last century, primarily in American cities. It is a historical fact that John F. Kennedy in 1960 was elected president only after the Chicago mafia rigged voting for him in that city.

The loser Richard Nixon did not complain. He knew he had been robbed, but he also was a gentleman, and knew that he would run in the future. He was elected president in 1968 and re-elected in 1972. That was the conservative and patriotic side of Nixon deciding not to complain. He felt that it would harm the nation to make a big issue out of the fraud, particularly with all the hoopla about the young and charismatic new president Kennedy.

Now go to 2000. George Bush won Florida by a disputed 537 votes and thus won the presidential election fair and square. Yet unlike gracious Nixon, Gore and the Democrats screamed and hollered like angry children, and are still complaining about Florida 2000 even though there was no voter fraud whatsoever. The ballots were counted over and over and over. Even Bush-unfriendly entities like The New York Times went down and counted the votes. Bush still won.

Democrats are the ones who always complain loudest about some mythical Republican bogeyman stealing elections and suppressing voters. But everyone knows that the Democrats have rigged elections in the cities for more than a century with dead people voting, people voting more than once, people being paid to vote, fraudulent vote counts, stuffed ballot boxes etc.

On the other hand, how much voter fraud do you hear about in the more conservative suburbs, or in small towns or in rural areas?

Virtually none. Except when Democrats are involved.

That was the case in 2002 when Democrat US Senator Tim Johnson was first elected in South Dakota after fraud was detected on the heavily-Democrat Indian reservations in rural parts of the state. His opponent Republican John Thune, who lost by only 524 votes, did not complain, being a good conservative. Like Nixon, he said he’d run again and he did. He ran in 2004 and unseated Democrat Senate minority leader Tom Daschle in a great display of poetic justice.

In 2004, Democrat Christine Gregoire was elected governor of the state of Washington on the third vote count. Her opponent, Dino Rossi, who is running against Gregoire again this year, won the first vote count and then a recount, but lost on the second recount which included many suspicious ballots from the heavily Democrat districts of Seattle. It was the closest election ever in American history, with Gregoire winning by 129 votes out of 2.9 million cast. The state legislature declared her the winner.

Another election genuinely stolen.

Democrats have pushed for public campaign financing for decades. They instituted the check box on the federal tax form to donate to the public system. They have said that we need to get the money out of elections. They want every kind of election reform. Yet Barack Obama broke his pledge to public financing and took his whole campaign private, raising more than $600 million, even getting contributions from illegal foreign sources. Meanwhile John McCain played by the rules with $84 million in public funding.

Some say that if McCain loses that it this was poetic justice for McCain who fathered the restrictive McCain/Feingold campaign law which conservatives say has illegally restricted free speech.

Democrats love to charge voter fraud everywhere that they lose. But they pull back their forces when they win. In the 2006 mid-term elections, Democrats had an army of lawyers ready to challenge the vote in every state. For months, they built up to the election, saying that there was going to be Republican fraud everywhere and that they were ready to challenge it. Yet when they won, suddenly there was no fraud at all.


Even worldwide, leftists never lose graciously. In Mexico, in July 2006, the hard-left presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador lost the general election by .56 points. His party charged voter irregularities and his followers held demonstrations and blocked important streets and roads, and even surrounded private banks. Their presence was menacing for months. Obrador stirred the pot by saying that “big changes in Mexico have never been produced through conventional politics, but in the streets” obviously a call for potential violence. His followers declared him the “legitimate president of Mexico”. Their mass actions bordered on riots.

Typical socialists. They think they are entitled to power even when they lose.Same thing in Kenya, where Barack Obama’s own cousin, communist/Islamist Raila Odinga refused to accept his December 2007 electoral defeat by 230,000 votes. His followers rioted and killed thousands of people, targeting Christians. He eventually worked out a power-sharing deal with the government.

What else have Democrats done? They have claimed that our voting system is open to fraud through the old punch-card ballot system. So they insisted we needed electronic voting. To fix the situation, many counties spent millions on electronic voting. And then the same Democrats said that the electronic systems were open to fraud and computer hacking. So now voting machines are being replaced again.

Democrats are paranoid about every vote. Yet it is they themselves who are committing virtually all of the voter fraud.

This year the outlaw voter-registration group ACORN, which Obama has been tied to for more than 10 years, is being investigated in 13 states for hundreds of thousands of fraudulent registrations. This is a far-left Democrat activist group. Has there been any suggestion that Republicans are involved in voter registration fraud? Yes. One guy in one instance in California. So Democrats say “Look, both sides do it!” which is the moral equivalence argument that they always make, that a thousand Democrat crimes are equivalent to one Republican crime.

Watch for big Democrat fraud this year. It is the way in which Obama hopes to steal the election.

And when McCain wins, watch for the Mexican-style street protests.

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