26 Reasons McCain Will Win

The Obama campaign is a typical Democrat operation. Every four years, the Dems assume that Americans are sheep, that they are dazzled by people like Obama, that they are grasping at straws and will vote for anyone who says “change”, that they believe that Obama can fix everything.

The Obama campaign is wrong.

Here are 26 reasons McCain will win. Each is a chink in Obama’s touted electoral armor: 1) Many polls are biased by the media in favor of Obama and are not credible. His real lead is much smaller than most polls show. It may not even be a lead in many cases.

2)   Biased media coverage has been giving a false impression of the election. Americans are not nearly so wild about Obama as the media are. Remember what Nixon called The Silent Majority – millions of people who don’t stand out until their votes are counted on election day. They are generally quiet, hard-working and relatively conservative.

3) Black voters have made up their minds to vote overwhelmingly for Obama. Therefore the undecided voters are largely white. They will break big-time for McCain.

4) Americans are fair-minded people who are seeing the blatant bias and attacks against McCain, and particularly against Sarah Palin, as unfair. Many women are offended by what they are seeing.

5) Polls always underestimate conservative voters because conservatives are the least likely of all voters to sit through a long poll interview, particularly if the first words they hear on the other end of the phone line are: “This is the CBS/Washington Post poll calling.” The words ‘CBS’ and ‘Washington Post’ and ‘NBC’ and ‘CNN’ and ‘New York, Times’, that run many of the big polls, are highly unpopular with conservatives.

6) Joe the Plumber was this campaign’s October Surprise. But this surprise was not sprung by McCain. It was sprung by Obama on himself with his “spread the wealth around” comment. Added to his comments about the Supreme Court redistributing wealth and it adds up bit by bit. Also, many people were offended by the way Obama and Biden dismissed and ridiculed Joe the Plumber.

7) After several bad poll weeks in the wake of the financial crisis, McCain in the October 30 Rasmussen poll re-took the lead on the issue of which candidate can best handle the economy. Rasmussen is one of the more serious polls. That Republican McCain is even close on economic issues shows how unconvinced people are of Obama’s views.

8) Obama should be ahead by 30 points if Americans really hate Republicans as much as the media say they do. They don’t. Millions are now afraid of Obama. The GOP is going to do better than the doubters are predicting. America still is a center-right nation.

9) Hillary Clinton supporters are still mad as hell at Obama. The media are covering this up. This is one of the biggest unreported stories of Election 2008.

10) McCain will win Pennsylvania after nutty people like Democrat congressman John Murtha called his own Pennsylvania district “racist”. People start to assimilate comments like this incrementally and many in Pennsylvania will shift in favor of McCain. This on the heels of Obama’s comments about “bitter” people in small-town Pennsylvania clinging to their guns and religion.

11) Obama’s racial victim tactics (“I don’t look like the presidents on the dollar bill” etc.) have worn thin with a lot of white voters.

12) The Obama campaign’s smug attitude that he already has won the election does not sit well with a lot of Americans, many of whom have already said that they would vote for Obama. Some will change their vote.

13) In a time of economic uncertainty, many people who have said that they are going to vote for Obama are going to change their mind, fearful that Obama is too young and inexperienced, and too socialistic.

14) According to Bush campaign mastermind Karl Rove, Obama still has an extraordinarily high negative rating of 43% in a recent poll about his readiness to be president, a figure that has remained high since the first such poll was taken in April.

15) Obama’s connection with terrorist Ayers and radical pastor Wright, although dismissed by the media as McCain desperation, definitely changed some minds.

16) Many people relate to Sarah Palin a lot better than they relate to either Obama or Biden. Palin has stirred the conservative base, which the media does not even consider to be worthy of a thought.

17) Some liberal media people say that they do not know Obama very well even after covering his entire campaign. If they themselves are admitting this, just imagine what voters are thinking. Many people will not vote for someone who is an enigma.

18) Many are going to balk at voting for Obama at the last minute when it comes to pulling the lever inside the voting booth. They are going to think negatively about his inexperience, even if they have said previously that they support him.

19) Older people who are undecided are going to see McCain as much safer than Obama on economics and on foreign policy in a dangerous world. They have lived long enough to know when someone is not mature. Older white undecided voters, of which there are many in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, will break big for McCain because he is one of them. Older voters also will vote McCain as a statement of support and solidarity for capable elderly citizens.

20) Undecided voters are not likely to vote for Obama because Obama would have charmed them by now. That they have not decided in favor of Obama is a referendum on the weakness of Obama, as is the fact that McCain is getting close, even in the pro-Obama polls.

21) Some white voters still will not vote for a black candidate even if they are thinking that they will before election day.

22) McCain is a war hero and many Americans see him as a solid guy. Obama has zero military record.

23) This election is a referendum on Obama. He has been the center of media attention for the last 10 months. And he is not closing the deal, just as he barely beat Hillary after months of media hype.

24) Obama had a 10-point lead in the New Hampshire primary the day before losing by 2 points to Hillary. Extrapolate this to the national election.

25) Obama’s lead in many key states, even in biased and inaccurate media polls, is small and can be overcome easily. McCain may be even or ahead in some or all of those states.

26) Many Jewish voters in crucial Florida are going to tip to McCain at the last minute because of the recent news about Obama’s association with Israel-hater Rashid Khalidi.

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