Is America on 'The Wrong Track'?

Time and time again, we are told that Americans believe that our nation is on ‘the wrong track’. Even before the recent financial crisis, this was said to be true. So let’s consider how we got to this ‘wrong track’ idea in the first place.

First, the media have been emphasizing and cultivating ‘wrong track’ for years for one reason only: In order to smear Bush. Negative news about anything and everything, especially the Iraq war, have been repeated over and over and over.

If Obama, Gore or Clinton had been running the country over the last 8 years with the exact same conditions, the media would have been painting a much rosier picture, just as the media will do that if Obama is elected, accentuating positive news at every opportunity.

In one poll in Upstate New York, consumer confidence jumped 10 points between October 2006 and December 2006. In the interim, a Democrat US congress had been elected. So nothing really changed except the perception, fostered by the media, that the Democrats were going to fix everything.

And despite the dreadful state of the economy in Massachusetts, the liberals in the media always manage to pin everything bad on Bush despite the fact that the state legislature is 85% Democrat, and its policies are decimating economic growth and opportunity. Businesses are closing or leaving, environmentalists have driven the cost of energy through the roof, regulations and taxation are strangling the companies that remain, and thousands of skilled and educated people pack up and depart the state every year.

Let us now look at these ‘wrong track’ pronouncements that were being made two years ago.

In 2006, the housing market was booming, oil prices were low, unemployment was at historic lows, inflation was completely under control and the national outlook was generally pretty optimistic and peaceful.

What was troubling in 2006 was that the Iraq war was out of control, and so the media used it to agitate the public and to create the ‘wrong track’ scenario. The media simply spun the story of Iraq as a lost war, and that things could never get better. This was used to negatively color opinion about everything. In 2006, there also were growing concerns about rising health-care costs and about jobs leaving the country and going overseas, which persist today.

In comparison, the Iraq war today has disappeared as an issue for one reason – we have won it, and so the media do not wish to talk about it because it would make Bush look good. Oil prices were a source for end-of-the-world commentary in the summer of 2008, but they too have receded as an issue. Now the financial crisis is being used as a way to agitate the public on ‘wrong track’ just in time for the presidential election.

Let’s look back further. During the booming 1980s, Americans were reported to have been disturbed about Ronald Reagan’s tough tactics against the Soviets, agitated by the media to think that Reagan was going to start a world war. It didn’t happen. We got world peace instead.

Europeans were agitated by the media in 1984 that Reagan’s drive to install American missiles in Europe to counter Soviet missiles pointed at Europe was going to lead to Armageddon.

Instead, through strength and resolve, Reagan policies led to the fall of the Soviet Union, much to the dismay of the media who were certain that Soviet communism was a permanent fixture on the world scene. When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, three years after the media savaged “naïve” Ronald Reagan for imploring, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”, the media could nary accept that this could be happening under the rule of the cowboy-actor that they had disdained for years.

In the 1990s, since we had a Democrat president in Bill Clinton, the media portrayed it as a wonderful, carefree era. And in fact the booming economy, inherited from Reagan and Bush, was performing well.

But there were many crises brewing that the media declined to report on. The dot.com boom and the tech bubble, two financial balloons, were getting set to collapse. Environmentalists were growing in strength, thanks to Clinton policies, and blocking our energy resources. Clinton was gutting the military, with spare parts for helicopters and jets in short supply (remember that?). Democrat trial lawyers were digging into every aspect of American life, profiteering for themselves and making life difficult for regular folks who were afraid of being sued over anything. In case you’ve forgotten, the case of the female who sued McDonalds because her coffee was too hot happened in 1995.And worst of all, terrorists were roaming America plotting 9/11, undetected by a complacent Clinton, while Bill himself was chasing Monica Lewinsky around his desk as if nothing whatsoever was wrong.

Yet the media acted, and still act today as if all was well in the 1990s. It was not.

So today we have upwards of 80% of Americans allegedly telling one poll that America is on the wrong track. Yet if Obama is elected, that number will magically drop to 40% by Spring even if nothing changes. Just watch.Because the media template today is that somehow we must throw Republicans out of office because the country is on ‘the wrong track’. Even in Massachusetts, where Democrats run the state lock, stock and barrel, the media template is that somehow Republicans are causing all the problems. And the ignorant populace believes it.

But how about the following ‘wrong track’ issues that are never discussed because they can be traced to the Democrats:

*How about our disastrous public schools? Is there any media big media exposes that the schools are on ‘the wrong track’ and that we have to completely overhaul the schools?

No, the media template is that we have to continue to give them more and more money in order to enrich the teacher unions and the Democrat party that run them.

Yet public education is the biggest ongoing crisis in our country. The schools are getting worse and worse and everyone knows it and everyone knows that the Democrats and their union friends are wholly responsible.

*How about taxation? Don’t most Americans believe that the 50% of their income that many are paying to federal, state and local governments is far too much, that we are on the ‘wrong track’ on taxation?

Of course they do, but taxes are never mentioned in ‘wrong track’ discussions because it might remind people of the Party of Taxation… the Democrats. And it might remind them that they are being overtaxed in the first place.

*How about our popular culture like Hollywood decadence and our television, music and films? Have they not degenerated into meaningless drivel that is literally harming our society?


Wrong track?

Naaah. Wrong track only refers to stuff Bush does, not things from Hollywood liberals who donate heavily to the Democrat party.

*How about our rate of abortion, AIDS, promiscuous sex, sexually-transmitted diseases, adultery and other forms of degeneracy? Wrong track?

Naaah. That is part of America’s socialist anything-goes culture. If it feels good, do it. Europe has lot of that stuff. We should be more like Europe! They have fast trains and national health insurance!

Is our nation indeed on the ‘wrong track’?

That depends on what you think of as ‘wrong track’.

Consider that today in America people are living longer lives than ever; that “the poor” are well subsidized and often have air conditioning and own their own homes; that we have clamped down on terrorist cells; that we have conquered many diseases; that clean air and water are everywhere thanks to advances in technology; that we have an abundant supply of cheap electricity; that we have abundant and inexpensive food; and mostly *that we live in peace and freedom. *

Yes, things sure are rotten around here.

We should never let the media tell us what to think. There are always things that are wrong, always have been, always will be. What the media want is for American to ignore the good things in America, and particularly to ignore all the really rotten things emanating from the political left – bad schools, over-taxation, degenerate culture and the rest – that they never wish to address.

The media agenda is to make us unhappy like they are, and to elect more Democrats who ultimately will make our underlying problems worse. What we should be most thankful for, however, is our freedom. Because although the media are doing their best to control our thoughts, we must start to fight back and to show America where we really are on ‘the wrong track’.

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