Fox Flushes out Ayers

Fox News recently sent a reporter to Chicago to seek out terrorist William Ayers and to ask him if he wanted to apologize for his violent past. The reporter stuck a microphone in front of Ayers’ as Ayers’ unloaded his car on the street near his home

Ayers said nothing, which is interesting for someone with so many opinions. But when the reporter crossed the line from the public sidewalk onto Ayers’ steps, Ayers said his only words of the brief confrontation, reminding the reporter that he now was on Ayers’ property. The reporter followed Ayers up the steps until Ayers entered his home and shut the door on the reporter.

Ayers later emerged from his home and walked toward his car. But the police had arrived and they kept the reporter away from Ayers.

Isn’t this all interesting?! Self-professed “anarchist” and “marxist” Ayers certainly was protective of his “private property” when in fact everything Ayers has stood for and has broken the law for contravenes private property rights.

And isn’t it interesting that Ayers called the police to guard him against not a terrorist or armed thug or criminal, but against a reporter with a microphone? These are the same police whose New York City headquarters Ayers bombed in 1970. Knowing the Ayers type, he probably set up the situation in order to use the Chicago police to intimidate someone who had asked him a few questions.

Liberals and leftists do not like to answer questions because they are cowards. They have the thinnest of skins.

They like only to ask questions, always in an accusatory manner.

Isn’t it interesting how little tolerance of opposition and dissent and even simple questions that these people have? They always want their “rights” protected, while they fight to strip away rights from every other citizen.

Like Obama supporter Warren Buffett with his $52 billion fortune backing Obama’s plan to raise taxes on businesses making more than $250,000.

Or rich Hollywood enviro activists telling us all to cut back on our driving while they fly around on their private jets, burning up the world’s precious resources by the barrel-ful.

Or elite leftist college professors talking about the evil, overcharging oil companies when in fact college tuitions have gone up at 3 or 4 times the rate of increase in the price of a gallon of gasoline over the last 30 years.

Or how about dissent? How many times have we seen hecklers shouting down Republicans at speeches and rallies? Yet one single heckler once shouted down one liberal – John Kerry – and the protester actually was taken down and tasered by police. That was the famous, “Don’t taze me, bro!” incident.

This is what Americans can expect from liberals. Dissent from socialism will be questioned, intimidated or crushed. Dissent against conservatives is called “patriotic”.

Liberals usually live their lives just like conservatives, enjoying our freedoms, enjoying our prosperity and enjoying the use of our resources.

But a look into their behavior shows how hypocritical they really are. And it is frightening.

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