Assuming Obama's Wrong

There is an assumption in the media that Barack Obama is cruising to victory. That assumption is based on the assumption that Obama has the solutions to our economic crisis because he is not George Bush or John McCain.

That assumption is based on the assumption that the Republicans caused the current crisis.

That assumption is based on the assumption that rich Republicans control all the financial institutions in America, and that they have manipulated them into disaster for their own profit.

That assumption is based on the assumption that Democrats simply were not strong enough legislatively to stop the rich Republicans from doing their evil deeds.

That assumption is based on the assumption that Democrats would have stopped the rich Republicans from looting the system and instead would have directed all the money to the deserving poor, who would have paid back every penny of every loan.

That assumption is based on the assumption that everyone in America, regardless of income, deserves home ownership, material prosperity and a high standard of living even without working for it.

But what if every assumption is false, and is simply a product of the media’s imagination? And what if Barack Obama does not in fact have any solutions to the economic crisis, but is completely wrong about it along with the media who have made all the wrong assumptions in the first place?

What if Obama & Co. in fact caused the crisis through agencies like Fannie Mae?

What if Obama’s policies make our future economic situation much worse?

This really is the big question in this campaign. Because all the above media assumptions about Obama indeed are dead wrong.

Conservatives have been trying to warn that Obama’s policies can be judged by his past associations. Meanwhile the media simply are claming that Republican warnings are a desperate tactic to bring down the guy who is going to solve all the world’s problems. Yet Obama’s associations with Ayers, Rezko, ACORN, Fannie Mae CEOs Raines and Johnson et al are exactly the reason that we should be frightened about the policies he will pursue.

Take the above assumptions piece by piece: First, two of Obama’s stated economic policies are strikingly similar to those that caused, deepened and prolonged the depression of the 1930s: Zealous taxation of business, and restrictions on free trade made that depression much, much worse than it would have been otherwise.

Second, Republicans are the people who warned about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the first place. Democrats blocked reform. Go to YouTube and type ‘fannie mae hearings’ into the search engine to see the actual video.

Third, Fannie, Freddie and much of Wall Street today are controlled not by Republicans but by big-city, big-money Democrat liberals, contrary to the media assumption that all the rich people are Republicans. James Johnson, a lifelong Democrat who ran Fannie Mae into the ground, once was chairman of now-bankrupt Lehman Brothers. Jon Corzine, the ultra-liberal Democrat governor of New Jersey, once was chairman of Goldman, Sachs. Huge amounts of Wall Street contributions go to Democrats. Democrat Franklin Raines ran Fannie Mae off the tracks while collecting more than $90 million in salary. Chelsea Clinton works for a Wall Street hedge fund.

Fact is many of the biggest figures on Wall Street and in New York City finance today are Democrats. All FOO – Friends of Obama.

Democrats historically are the party of corruption through labor unions and urban political machines. And now through Wall Street, the federal government, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Massive ACORN voter-registration fraud, financed this year alone by more than $800,000 in direct Obama campaign money, is intended to undermine free elections while ACORN is the same group that caused most of the current mortgage crisis by forcing banks to loan money to poor people.

Today, through our left-wing universities, liberals have undermined our entire capitalist system by infiltrating it and turning it upside down, declaring that banks somehow should be organs of social engineering.

Add to this that “genius” Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, through government fiat, lowered interest rates far too severely after 9/11. Easy credit, a hallmark of socialism, is much more harmful to the economy than tough credit.

Easy credit, easy money, easy government handouts, easy loans… these are the things that are crippling our economy. After making “conservative” a dirty word for 50 years, perhaps the Obama-friendly media could look around at the institutions that still are working well, the institutions that adhered to “conservative” practices.

The idea that Obama should not be questioned on his associations with Ayers, with Jeremiah Wright, with ACORN, with Johnson, with Raines etc. is intended to throw us off the “character question”. Because Obama’s character would tell us a lot about who he is. He is a person with leftist economic and social views who will make our economic situation worse precisely at the time that we should be allowing it to work itself out.

And this crisis may end up having much bigger implications because we are going to elect a new president on November 4 based largely on this crisis.

Now let’s go back just three months…

Think back to July 12, 2008 when oil hit its peak of $147 a barrel. Does everyone remember the hysteria about that, particularly from the left, the enviros and the media, all backers of Obama?

It was as bad as what we see today.

They said that the world economy was about to be destroyed, that oil was going to $300 a barrel and gasoline soon would be $10 a gallon.

Sound familiar?

Level heads, including my website (listed below), said that it was a classic asset bubble and that we simply should let the energy markets work. Today gasoline is heading below $3 a gallon and oil is headed to $70 a barrel and less. And if we continue to take action to increase supply, prices will trend lower and stay there.

Now imagine that we had panicked on July 12 and that we had allowed Obama and his friends in the enviro movement to impose an irrevocable energy policy based on their assumptions on that day.

That would mean that today we would be slashing domestic oil exploration, taxing the oil companies heavily, and beginning construction of an entire nationwide energy system based on windmills and solar panels and biofuels that produce tiny amounts of energy for large investments, sapping both our capital and our energy supplies.

We simply would have allowed the most hysterical assumptions about energy to dictate the future.

That is why we must not listen to these media assumptions, and why we should recognize that an Obama presidency will irrevocably harm our nation. And that is why his character and his past associations matter greatly; because they show us who Barack Obama really is and how we got into this mess in the first place.

The current economic situation will work itself out, just as the market crash of 1987, the post-9/11 slump and the summer oil price spike worked themselves out of the system. Even the Iraq war looked lost two years ago. Now the stock market could jump several thousand points before the election and, once credit starts flowing, we could see a home-buying boom with bargains for all.

These possibilities, however, should never allow us to forget this mess and how it evolved: Through leftist economic policies and Democrat manipulation of the housing market and financial institutions.

The assumptions that the media are forcing upon us at this critical time are dead wrong. And the media know that all they have to do is to keep these assumptions in the forefront of the public mind through November 4 and the election of Obama. After that, nothing will matter. Except that the national well-being will be in the hands of someone whom we know has never operated in the interest of the American people, but only in the interest of his cronies and his radical political ideology.

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