Why Feminists Hate Palin

The feminist ‘comedienne’ Sandra Bernhard is reported to have declared recently that if Sarah Palin went to New York City, she would be gang-raped by blacks.

This is just another in the ongoing stream of attacks against Palin by the political left and particularly by feminists. These are the same feminists who have told us that they “care about” women, children, the global village, the environment etc.

But the vitriol and out-of-control rage that people like Bernhard are propagating is telling. Once again, it shows the left for who they really are: They are haters of the first degree.

If you go to any nation where these people seize absolute power like the Soviet Union, China, North Korea and the like, you will see their handiwork firsthand. You will see murder, poverty, fear, malnutrition, hopelessness and despair while their rhetoric is utopian and egalitarian.

The reason for this dichotomy is simple: Leftists are people of words, not deeds. They do not act, they talk. And when they do not have total power, they use their words as weapons.

Bernhard is a physically ugly person. One reason she hates Palin is because hideous females hate, hate, hate beautiful ones, and one of the hallmarks of feminism/socialism is the elevation of the ugly and, at the opposite extreme, the glorification of the pretty wax-museum culture of Hollywood.

Bernhard is a typical New York City hard-left figure. She is angry and polemical. She couches her rants in “humor”, as her statement about Palin might be interpreted as a satirical shot at the Alaska governor when in fact it is a reprehensible demonstration of unadulterated hate.

Only if you live outside the totalitarian shell of New York can you can see what Bernhard and her friends are doing. They simply are pulling out every stop because the election is coming, and in utter desperation and out of sheer hysteria, they fear that the first woman in the White House is going to be a hayseed, Wal*Mart patronizing, churchgoing, gun-toting, baby-loving Republican.

Females like Bernhard are the reason that New York City has fallen on hard times. Forget the glitz and glamour. Forget the skyscrapers and the celebrities. New York is a potemkin city and always has been, but since the rise of feminism, it simply has dropped off the charts. The city’s house organ, The New York Times, is barely a shadow of the journalism it once represented. The arts are a degraded mess. New York City, like all of worldwide, urban socialism, is a place of masks. Authenticity is despised because in the world of liberal socialism, it is your mask that makes you who you are. That is one reason why Palin is hated: Because she is who she is. She wears no mask.

It is a trait of the perpetually indignant urban feminist to use the offensive tools of language to fight dirty. Socialism itself is feminine in nature so even the males use this technique. Think of the extremists on the internet. Because even the males of liberalism are feminine hysterics – reactionary, materialistic, manipulative, narcissistic, bitter, fickle and extremely insecure. Think John Kerry. Think Bill Clinton. Think Michael Moore.

Then when a genuine, confident woman like Sarah Palin comes along who never passed through the Fifth Avenue vetting gauntlet and the Ivy League schools, she shows these leftists, both male and female, a very disturbing picture: That of a real woman. The feminists turn furious with envy, the most powerful human emotion. They are confused by Palin. They do not understand her. They lash out. How can she smile? they wonder. What does she have to be happy about that I don’t?

Worse they despise Palin for showing to the pantywaist she-males of Manhattan what a real woman looks like. Just imagine all the hectored househusbands of the Upper Left Side privately fawning over gorgeous Palin thinking, “Gosh, how did I miss out on a real woman? Someone who doesn’t hate me…”

Because that is the way liberal males pass their lives – cohabitating with despots who disdain and despise them.

Then these guys look at Todd Palin and are jealous of him. Most New York males never have met a real man except when they’re getting the Beemer fixed. So they wonder: What is fishing like? How do you go so fast on your snowmobile without getting scared? Then they realize that Todd has had sex with his beautiful wife at least 5 times, which is five times more than the average Manhattan metrosexual has had sex with the nag that he is chained to.

If he even wanted to have sex with her.

Which he doesn’t.

New York City today is a bastion of materialism, jealousy, mediocrity, and class and gender warfare. New York is portrayed as an interesting and exciting place but, having lived there 13 years, I can assure you that it is a false burg in which feminists rule and men are hated. That is why Palin is so despised – because she has manly qualities. She is rational, level-headed, knows how to fire a gun, loves her family and actually… likes herself… This last characteristic is the most unfathomable of all to the average feminist.

Think of it this way: Feminists nationwide had their bridesmaid dresses picked out for the big day when Hillary was supposed to get married to the ultimate male of their dreams: POWER!

For them, it was their wedding too.

Now they see another b*h running off with their guy.

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