10 Reasons We are in This Mess

We are in the current fiscal crisis because, over a long period of time, leftist elements of our society have managed to scuttle common sense and to promote ideas that reward lazy and unproductive people at the expense of intelligent and productive people. Slowly, these ideas have permeated our whole society.

Here are the 10 reasons that our economy is suffering right now:

1) Since the 1950s, we have seen massive increases in government programs that have rewarded people for doing nothing. Welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies, fake disability cases etc. all have become mainstream and acceptable under the direction of the Democrats who administer them. Meanwhile, taxes have gone up and up and up for the hard-working people of America in order to fund these programs. Today the average person pays 40% to 50% of his/her income in taxes. Social Security tax alone is 12.4% of the average worker’s hourly income!

2) This huge increase in taxation has come to fund a society that has been maliciously and intentionally undermined by the Democrats and their far-left ‘anything goes’ agenda. The black family has been destroyed and millions in our cities have been reduced to dependency. Meanwhile, millions of young females – black, white, Hispanic and otherwise – have been given total government support for their dependent children for whom no father is accountable because feminism teaches that men are bad.

3) Since the end of World War II and the economic boom that ensued, labor unions organized workers, made outrageous demands on industry, and sucked the wealth out of the private sector. Most unions were run by organized crime. Today those unions are destroying the automobile industry.

Unions, which are simply extensions of the Democrat party, took credit for giving workers a high standard of living when in fact it was a strong economy that did that. What unions did do was to drive thousands of companies out of business and kill millions of jobs and trillions in wealth.

Today, look at the most devastated cities in America: Flint and Detroit in Michigan; Toledo and Cleveland in Ohio; Buffalo, New York; and many other manufacturing centers throughout the Rust Belt and the Northeast. The common thread in all of these cases was a high level of unionization which made business unsustainable. Today most of the economic growth in America is in the low-tax, low-regulation, non-unionized southern states where workers of their own free will are voting against unionization.

Meanwhile unions rewarded workers with ridiculous work rules and artificially inflated pay, benefit and pension packages while employers were put under financial distress, and the prices of goods rose for the average citizen in order to pay those wages, benefits and pensions.

4) Public schools have deteriorated markedly since the 1950s. Today those schools teach little that is useful, focusing on political correctness and leftist dogma. The teacher unions, which are another arm of the Democrat party, have turned the public schools into piggy banks for their pay, benefit and pension packages and for their early retirements while education of students comes in low on their list of priorities

And the idea that public school teachers are underpaid is nonsense. Please read the essay *Public School Teachers are Overpaid *accessible from the homepage of my website. It analyzes an actual study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that shows that public school teachers make more money per hour that virtually all people in their economic class (average $34.07 an hour nationwide, which is a very good wage, or an annualized salary of $68,000).

The reason more talented people don’t become public school teachers it not the salary level, but because creative, ambitious and intelligent people refuse to join the numbing, all-controlling public education bureaucracy.

5) Government regulations like the Community Reinvestment Act have forced banks to lend money to poor people who cannot pay the money back. The loans came to be called ‘low-doc’ and ‘no-doc’ loans, i.e., there was low documentation or no documentation of a job or income in order to get a loan. Other loans are called NINJA loans – no income, no job. Then after “low-income” people got the loans, the liberals expanded the definition to include “moderate income” people. Thus easy credit availability has come to include a huge swath of American society and that is the reason that so many of our banks are in default.

Back when conservatives ran banks properly, they would not make such loans. Today, the banking industry is under the government gun, and the universities and business schools have been infiltrated by socialists who teach that private banks should become tools of social engineering.

6) Government-sponsored agencies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have made it easy for banks to lend money to people who don’t have the resources to repay the loans. When Fannie and Freddie buy the loans and put the taxpayer at risk, the banks no longer have that risk. When the loans fail, the taxpayers get stuck with the bill.

7) Federal, state and local government employees today have the highest standard of living of all workers in America because socialistic ideas promoted by the Democrat party are taxing the working people of America heavily while rewarding government workers. The jokes about government workers are legend. Everyone knows the truth. If you establish a template under which slothful people who work for the government are getting all the best jobs and benefits, the resulting taxation is a disincentive for private-sector, taxpaying people to work hard and to be productive, and the economy suffers.

8) Animals and ‘the environment’ have been elevated in stature as humans have been degraded by the pagan theologies of the political left. The needs of people have been marginalized while the needs of trees, bears, birds and glaciers have been placed at the front of the agenda. The fraud of ’global warming’ has been shoved down our throats by the leftist media, while our energy supplies have been blocked by radical environmentalists. If the free market were allowed to produce our energy supplies, we would have plenty of energy at low cost.

9) The Hollywood/New York media axis has taught Americans that any social structure is acceptable, and that the nuclear family is not necessary. This has caused chaos in our society, and has made millions of people poor and dependent on the government because the nuclear family is not only the strongest social unit, but also is the strongest economic unit. Millions are suffering great unhappiness as they are finding themselves alone in the world, and have come to realize that the meaningful life that was available to them – for free – has slipped their grasp.

The materialists in Hollywood teach us that adulterous and promiscuous lifestyles along with mansions, cars, jewelry and fame are the important things in life, when they are not. Then those same Hollywood celebrities never can explain why so many of them are so unhappy and are dependent on drugs, alcohol and psychiatric care.

10) Our universities have been commandeered by lazy, radical leftists who care not a whit about wisdom or genuine knowledge, or about a God-centered culture focused on good, but only about instant gratification and left-wing indoctrination. These professors and administrators have raised tuitions to unacceptable levels, gutting the finances of hard-working families while they themselves live better than most Americans with higher and higher salaries.

Our colleges are places of intellectual chaos, anger, nihilism, and uncertainty. Students no longer learn about the founding of our great nation, or about great art or sustainable ideas and cultures based on self-reliance and free thinking, but only about social structures built on dependency and big government.

Therefore, we must reclaim our economy by sharply cutting government spending and dependency on handout programs; we must bring families back together through a respect for the word of God; we must solidify sustainable employer-employee relations; we must reclaim our public schools from the clutches of the Democrat left; our banks must stop loaning money to anybody who wants it; we must cease to put nature and animals before our own needs; and we must take our culture back from the phony materialists in Hollywood, and take back our universities from the greedy philistines that dominate them today.

These are no small tasks, but they are necessary. And we shall do it.

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