Obama's Past Shows the Future

There is a myth afoot in the land that Barack Obama can solve our current fiscal crisis. He cannot; his policies will make it much worse. That is explained below. But first here are some facts about Obama’s background, and the reasons why his past is crucial to understanding where he would take us in the future.  In her 1985 senior thesis at Princeton, Michelle Obama wrote that America was “ineradicably racist” and that the United States is a nation founded on “crime and hatred”. She praised ‘separationism’, on which her thesis said:  ‘By actually working with the Black lower class or within their communities as a result of their ideologies, a separationist may better understand the desperation of their situation and feel more hopeless about a resolution as opposed to an integrationist who is ignorant to their plight’. 

She also spoke of herself…

‘further integration and/or assimilation into a white cultural and social structure that will only allow me to remain on the periphery of society; never becoming a full participant.’

Does Mrs. Obama now, in 2008, recognize any good fortune in her $300,000-a-year job and her husband as a candidate for President of the United States?

Princeton tried to keep her thesis out of the public domain until after the election because of its explosive nature. And all of the leftists in Obama’s past realize that they must keep his past hidden in order for him to become president. That is why the media are conducting a full-frontal assault on anyone who mentions his associations.

They even are claiming that McCain is hurting himself by bringing up Obama’s radical past, which is nonsense. The media are frightened to death about Obama’s past coming out. If McCain were hurting himself, the media would just let him continue, would they not?

About black Princeton alumni becoming part of white society, Michelle Obama wrote about findings from a questionnaire that she mailed out to them:

‘I hoped that these findings would help me conclude that despite the high degree of identification with whites as a result of the educational and occupational path that black Princeton alumni follow, the alumni would still maintain a certain level of identification with the black community. However, these findings do not support this possibility.’

Michelle Obama’s entire typewritten thesis can be seen page-by-page on www.dldewey.com

Obviously these are the writings of someone with a radical perspective like most of the people Obama has associated with over his life. And most people don’t change much over the years, including Obama. What separates him from the angry left is that he has had, and continues to have the nice smile that can be exploited to insert him into power.

Meanwhile William Ayers, whom Obama associated with for many years in connection with several Chicago enterprises including the $100 million Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), wrote in his youth that you should “kill your parents” and that we must “kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments.”

This is extremist communism.

But even as recently as 2001, he said “I don’t regret setting bombs. I think we didn’t do enough” referring to his bombings in the 1970s of the US Capitol, New York City police headquarters and the Pentagon.

Ayers’ CAC is called an educational reform organization, but in fact it ended up being a group that encouraged radical black-liberation leftists to get involved in the Chicago public schools to turn them into indoctrination grounds for students, just as our universities have been turned into places of indoctrination like the University of Illinois at Chicago where Ayers now is a respected professor.

Will indoctrination improve our economy?

It will not. It will hurt it.

And of course we know that Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright has said many odious things like “God d* America! God d* America!”

In 2006, Obama traveled to Kenya to help in the political campaign of his cousin, Raila Odinga, a fundamentalist Muslim and a committed communist who was educated in Soviet-dominated East Germany. When Odinga lost the December 2007 election for the presidency, he claimed the vote was fraudulent, and his followers went on a rampage, specifically against Christians, of which 1,000 have been killed. Odinga eventually signed a power-sharing agreement with the government.

Is there a pattern here?


Obama’s bigamist father abandoned his son and went back to Africa. His cousin is a marxist/islamist tyrant. Obama’s mother, who died in 1995, was an atheist whom Obama described in his autobiography as “a Christian from Kansas” which was an attempt to further paper over his past. She is said to have been a communist sympathizer her entire adult life, and was married to two leftists, Obama’s natural father, and Indonesian liberation theologist Lolo Soetero.

Now as Obama’s past associations are being raised, we are being asked to simply ignore them because we are supposed to be focused on the current economic crisis. With Sarah Palin’s mention of William Ayers, the media have gone into reactionary mode, calling McCain “desperate” in the face of declining poll numbers. They also are claiming that Ayers’ bombings happened almost 40 years ago when Obama was just a kid. This latter idea is a frightening manipulation of thinking intended to sway the most ignorant among us.

Obama is simply trying to run out the clock so that his past is covered up, and it is not working. McCain will win. But the real question remains a much bigger one. Because the media simply are asking us to assume that Obama’s past is not germane because only he has the answers to the present crisis, which is a truly outrageous premise to start.

Who says Obama is going to make things economically better anyway? History shows he won’t. He will make things much, much worse.

Consider our last big economic calamity. Any rational economist who knows about the events leading up to and into the depression of the 1930s knows that leftist policies caused, prolonged and deepened the depression.

Under enormous public pressure, Republican President Herbert Hoover very reluctantly did two things after the collapse of the stock market in October 1929: He raised taxes on business (which is part of Obama’s platform) and he signed the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act to impose heavy tariffs (taxes) on imports, ostensibly to protect American jobs. Tariffs would be part of Obama’s anti-free-trade and protectionist platform.

Ultimately both of those actions caused the depression to happen – the tax increases sapped the vitality of the business sector while Hawley-Smoot ended up cutting off trade and making the depression much worse, slowing international commerce significantly and spreading the depression worldwide.

Then like a good leftist, FDR spent massive amounts of federal money on make-work jobs. This did not improve the picture, but worsened the situation, leading to a higher unemployment rate by 1938 than it was in 1932 when FDR was elected.

Now consider Obama’s record. He is the most liberal member of the United States Senate. He was a community organizer in Chicago, where he trained and acted as legal counsel for a corrupt voter-registration group called ACORN. He avoided voting “yes” or “no” 130 times in the Illinois state senate in order not to be on record in controversial cases for a future when he might run for president, and when those votes might come back to haunt him.

Add this to Michelle Obama’s thesis, Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and Obama’s radical mother and you get a clear picture that his past indeed is germane to today. It formed Barack Obama. He is not the smiling orator that he appears to be. He is a hard-core leftist and his past shows where it comes from. Just watch the dark flicker in his eyes when McCain challenges him in a debate. In reality he is a potemkin candidate of the international socialist left.

Obama talks change, change, change because people think that ‘change’ means things will get better than they are today. But that cannot happen considering Obama’s inbred ideology. Prosperity is built on growth and optimism, not on the destruction and indoctrination of Ayers, the hatred of Jeremiah Wright and the anger of Michelle Obama.

Obama’s entire culture comes from the left. His past associations show that. If he is elected, he will scrap his middle-class tax cuts, just as Bill Clinton did, and the media will give him a pass, as they did with Clinton. Meanwhile George Bush 41 still today is maligned for his comments “Read my lips. No new taxes” which is a promise that he went on to break, leading to his defeat in 1992.

Some people change a little or a lot as they get older. They mellow out and lose their sharp edges. But people like Ayers, Michelle Obama and Jeremiah Wright have not. And neither has Barack Obama. He is farther to the left than ever. And Michelle Obama was still saying that she was not proud of America just 6 months ago until she was taken off the campaign trail.

Barack Obama is calling himself an agent of change but he has no idea about how economics work. He comes from a corrupt world on the south side of Chicago and taught at the University of Illinois at Chicago which is an institution that looks at a one-time terrorist like William Ayers and sees no problem with his teaching there.

In Obama Land, anything goes. And this nation never was built to accommodate that type of thinking. America consistently has fought for openness and has confronted tyranny around the globe, while Ayers, Wright and the Obamas have very radical views that would restrain those tendencies, just as the Clinton administration allowed China to steal military secrets and allowed terrorists to roam America free throughout the 1990s, leading up to 9/11.

Obama is an ideologue and his past associations show it. The media are stirring up inordinate fear about our economy in order to put Obama into the presidency on the slogan of change. But again, Obama will do all the wrong things economically as he and his media friends are doing everything in their power to cover up the past that reveals who he really is and what his life has been centered on.

And that is the type of censorship that will lead our nation into a much more serious crisis than we have now both politically and economically.
Our situation today is eerily similar to 1976 when another fresh face came along espousing change. Jimmy Carter turned out to be a disaster and Obama will too, if elected.

John McCain’s life has been pretty much of an open book. He served his country valiantly, and his family has served in the military back to the time of the American Revolution.

Who looks more fit to lead?

The answer is clear.

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