Palin Zaps the Ancient Media

“She killed,” Reagan speechwriter and *Wall Stree Journal *columnist Peggy Noonan said colloquially of Sarah Palin’s performance in the vice presidential debate.

And so she did. Palin killed the biased Ancient Media.

After weeks of attacks from every liberal quarter, along with a systematic belittling of her roots and character, Palin sucker-punched *The New York Times *and all the rest with a smile on her face and a glint in her eye. With the Democrat elite praying for a major gaffe in the debate, she made none. And in one focus group by pollster Frank Luntz, the overwhelming majority of undecided voters said that Palin won the debate and that she looked fully capable of taking the office of vice president while this debate should put to rest the notion that she is not prepared to look higher, or is not capable of doing so.

Palin for President?

No problem. Palin will be the next GOP hopeful in 2016 after McCain finishes his second term.

The media were typically stingy with their praise of Palin however, unable to put down their ideological blinders. *The Boston Globe *only said ‘No Stumbles’ in its headline.

In a recent interview, Dick Morris, a one-time Bill Clinton confidante, said that Clinton was not well-versed in foreign affairs when he debated Bush 41 in 1992, a fact that most Dems would never believe. Palin seemed more than well prepared. She showed that she really is exactly what Americans love… a quick study.

Talk now will shift about “the end” of the McCain campaign by media elites who also were predicting a Kerry victory in 2004. Republicans were gleeful about the debate, and the reason was simple: Palin was Palin.

Said *Weekly Standard *editor Fred Barnes: “There was no ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ moment,” referring to Palin’s inability to answer a question about Supreme Court decisions in her interview with Katie Couric of CBS.

Luntz’s focus group members called Palin “direct”, “energetic”, “smart, intelligent” and “Main Street America.”

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren said simply “We’re all talking about governor Palin… like everyone else.” It should be interesting to see the final TV viewer numbers. It was expected to be the most-watched vice presidential debate ever.

Former Florida Republican congressman Joe Scarborough said on his *Morning Joe *MSNBC talking-head show that the debate “put to bed” the myth that Palin is incompetent, a myth propagated by the media in only the 5 weeks that she has been a national figure, and based on just a few sentences from her interviews with CBS’ Couric and ABC’s Charles Gibson.

What a difference a day makes. Less than 24 hours before the debate, George Stephanopoulos of ABC was grimly previewing Palin’s Last Stand, while Chuck Todd was predicting an Obama landslide on NBC.

Sorry guys. One year ago, McCain was dead and buried and Hillary was expecting a coronation.

Palin was cheerful and articulate. And while Biden did an adequate and senatorial job of defending Obama, Palin punched hard, claiming at one point that Obama/Biden want to wave “the white flag of surrender in Iraq.”

And while Americans are tired of the war, they find her brand of tough talk appealing coming from a mother of five who also happens to be a member of the National Rifle Association. Palin indeed is Middle America.

Palin looked directly into the camera and spoke straight to the people, which set her apart from Biden who spoke mostly to the audience in the hall but with only a debater’s passion.

Palin talked populist using the term “greed and corruption on Wall Street” too many times, staking out a firm stand on the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, and talking right on every subject from Iran to Pakistan.

The media have thrown everything at Palin but she seems to be a Ronald Reagan in the making. These same media said Reagan was just a dunce actor, surprising considering how highly they think about most actors… liberal actors that is.

The media even managed to sneak in a debate moderator who was pro-Obama. PBS’ Gwen Ifill is writing a book about black leaders including Obama so she has a financial interest in Obama winning. If the situation had been turned, with a conservative who had got the moderator job after failing to disclose to the debating commission that he was writing a pro-McCain book, all hell would have broken loose.

Palin scored well when she talked about personal responsibility and never again allowing the big shots on Wall Street and in Washington to take control of the lives of the people. This was Founding Fathers language that struck the strongest chord with one audience.

The talk for the next few days will be about Sarah Palin. And while that was the talk after her introduction in August, the media dragged her through a defamation phase. They cannot return to that now. She has passed this test.

Before the debate, Republicans were concerned with McCain’s falling polls, some of which was tied to increasing concern over Palin, just as Ronald Reagan’s mediocre second debate performance in 1984 seemed to have threatened his re-election. But Palin was brilliant, and this is her second home run of this season after her acceptance speech in St. Paul, along with her personal appeal to average Americans while on the stump.

The Thursday night debate was the end of the beginning for Sarah Palin. She has been through the gauntlet and come out fresh. There isn’t much else the media elites can throw at her and make it stick. To see her after the debate holding tight her newborn son indeed showed what a real SuperMom can be… and this one does not wear a pantsuit and spout feminism.

John McCain now needs to pick up the momentum from this debate and hit Obama hard in the next two debates on issues like his economic proposals to raise business taxes (which played a major role in sparking the depression of the 1930s), his ties to Fannie Mae, and his close links to terrorist William Ayers and to ACORN, the radical voter registration group. He also needs to hammer Obama on his absurd positions on Iraq, which no Republican could be getting away without being Palined.

The bottom line is that Palin spoke directly to the American people with no media filter. When the people see her that way, they like her. And this frightens and infuriates the media because in the end, the mavens of Manhattan always want to have the final say.

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