Obama/Ayers Even More Disturbing

(Note: Senator McCain’s September 24 decision to suspend his campaign and return to Washington to deal with the financial crisis shows leadership and concern for the nation. McCain always has put America first. Obama’s shameful implication that McCain is acting only for political gain is just… shameful.Now on to Obama-Ayers, which further reveals Obama’s questionable character. Obama always has put himself first, as demonstrated below.) Barack Obama’s connection to Weather Underground founder William Ayers is even more suspicious and disturbing that originally presented.

Ayers is the Chicago “education specialist” who in his youth participated in bombings at New York City police headquarters (1970), the US Capitol (1971) and the Pentagon (1972), although charges against him ultimately were dropped because of so-called prosecutorial misconduct.   Obama has said in an interview that Ayers was “a guy who lives in my neighborhood” in Chicago. But Obama strangely forgets to mention in either of his autobiographies one of his most prominent community organizer positions, that as director of a $100 million educational foundation called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC).

But then again CAC was founded by Ayers, and Obama certainly came to realize after the fact that Ayers would be toxic to his national political aspirations.

Obama’s directorship of CAC from 1995 to 1999 might just have brought him into contact with somebody (Ayers) whom Obama has described as “not somebody I exchanged ideas with on a regular basis.”


Obviously this characterization of Ayers is false and this calls into question Obama’s fundamental veracity. John McCain needs to hammer that point home. Several independent 527 groups are said to be preparing Obama/Ayers political ads to be played in battleground states, which could very well end up being the ‘swift boat’ attacks of 2008 that sway enough swing voters to move the election to McCain.

What is important to note is that while CAC is often described as a benign organization dedicated to improving the dreadful Chicago public schools, it ended up being a funnel for tens of millions of dollars into the hands of radical leftist activists. Obama remained on the CAC board until 2001.

How did Obama get to the directorship? When asked, he claims it was others who chose him, which, again, is false. Documents released by CAC show that Ayers had tight control over his group and was part of a committee that selected Obama.

No wonder Obama ended up at Ayers’ home in 1995 to kick off his campaign for Illinois state senate. Ayers had access to lots of activist people and radical cash and Obama was the handsome, smiling, soft-spoken “suit” needed to push their policies beyond Chicago.

The goal of CAC came to be to inculcate inner-city school children not with any usable knowledge like math and science, but with a far-left black-power political agenda that reminded them of slavery, racism and inequality. And this is the other factor in Obama’s participation that should be of great concern to voters. He became part of an organization that furthered the backsliding of the public schools into politically-correct indoctrination, not improved them.

In a book called City Kids, City Teachers, Ayers, who once described himself as a “small ‘c’ communist” urged teachers to become activists through ties with what came to be called ‘external partners’ which simply were left-wing organizations and people who got large outlays of cash like the voter registration group ACORN, which has been involved in many fraud cases across the nation and is suspected of much more. Other organizations included the South Shore African Village Collaborative and the Dual Language Exchange. Neither sounds promising on a resume.

Under Obama, CAC also recruited parents to become ‘partners’ in further radicalizing the schools.

Ayers also worked with Obama on the CAC governance committee and helped to found the CAC-funded ‘small schools movement’ which pushed students into more of the same – dredging up issues of war, violence and inequality.

It is clear that this whole operation reflects more of the same from the political left: No real learning, but plenty of emotion and propaganda.

Obama has claimed that those who wish to tar him through his association with Ayers are using unfair, unAmerican tactics. Yet his associations were extensive. Why should they be off limits?

Obama even has had the “audacity” to claim that Ayers bombed the Pentagon when Obama was only 8 years old, so that somehow Obama cannot be held to account. This is more of the frightening doublethink that liberals put out like catnip to their dumbed-down audiences and media acolytes.

John McCain must expose all this clearly, along with the radical nature of CAC, which should further trouble voters in a time when public education is under much scrutiny. While the media in America are covering up Obama/Ayers, McCain must use the debates, on which millions of critical swing voters will be focused, to make his move.

Along with Obama’s questionable positions on other issues – for instance claiming that he would have opposed the Iraq ‘surge’ even after knowing that it had succeeded; or Obama’s ties to Fannie Mae corruption – McCain can really plant serious doubts with the Obama/CAC/Ayers story and can take this election.

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