Palin's Foreign Policy Cred

The political beehive is abuzz with news that vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is going to meet Tuesday in New York with former secretary of state Henry Kissinger, Afghan president Hamid Karzai and Colombian president Alvaro Uribe. She also is scheduled to meet later in the week with Mikhail Saakashvili, the president of the nation of Georgia, which was invaded by Russia in August.

She also will meet with the leaders of Ukraine, Iraq, Pakistan and India. These nations all are striving democracies and Palin’s meetings are reassuring. But media titans only are wondering if Palin can cram enough foreign policy during these sit-downs to fend off “expert” Joe Biden in their upcoming debate. Never do the media mention that Biden has been completely wrong on major foreign policy issues. He opposed Reagan’s tough tactics that ultimately defeated the Soviets, and he opposed the first Gulf War (which we won) and the Iraq ‘surge’ (which has led to victory).

Palin, however, already has answered questions on foreign policy that were straightforward and vastly more lucid that Obama’s views on, say, meeting with foreign tyrants without pre-conditions and opposing the Iraq troop surge… after it had succeeded!

If Palin had taken Obama’s positions, she’d be laughed out of the race.

Now the media will be breathing down Palin’s neck wondering what she will learn. But Palin is a quick study and smarter than Obama any day. And what is important is who she is meeting with -three leaders of emerging democracies, whereas Obama’s foreign policy experience amounted to a few days in Europe for photo-ops with old allies that are about as predictable as snow in January. Wow. Amazing. Look, he came out of 10 Downing Street.

Palin is looking to the future. She had intended to prove that further when she had planned to attend a pro-Israel rally in New York that protested the presence at the United Nation of Ahmedinejad of Iran. This shows that she has the courage to stand up for freedom, while Hillary Clinton opted out of attending the same rally because she did not want to be seen on equal footing with Palin.

So who showed more courage? Palin who wanted to attend the rally out of principle or Clinton who simply made a crass political calculation?

Palin ultimately was uninvited because Obama’s people are reported to have forced the rally organizers to withdraw the Palin invitation by threatening legal action against their tax-exempt status if they allowed candidate Palin to appear. Again, politicization of a human-rights issue.

Gee, aren’t Democrats all warm and fuzzy on human rights?

Apparently not.

What we are seeing in Palin’s New York meetings is the emergence of a new pro-American club made up of nations that are breathing free for the first time in years. Afghanistan has been war-wracked for decades and Georgia was dominated by the Soviet Union for most of the second half of the 20th century. Colombia is emerging from the dark ages of cocaine when communist rebels, allied with far-left elements of the Colombian labor union movement and with drug traffickers, reigned terror on that nation.

Karzai is working hard to right Afghanistan, Saakashvili stood proud in Tbilisi, Georgia when the Russian tanks rolled in, and Uribe has managed to finally crush the drug traffickers and guerillas, giving that nation freedom and prosperity. All are popular with their people.

But Americans on the Democrat side of the aisle do not care for any of this. They wish to smear Palin, denigrate Uribe for marginalizing the radical labor unionists and sending troops into Ecuador to smash one guerilla outpost, demean Karzai over the war in Afghanistan in order to hurt Bush, while Obama implied that Saakashvili was morally equivalent to invader Russia.

Come again?

We know that Sarah Palin is an honest public servant who will work hard to promote liberty around the world. After Bill Clinton failed to respond to international terror attacks throughout the 1990s, leading to 9/11, we need people in the White House who know foreign policy well as John McCain does. To have on his team a savvy vice president like governor Sarah Palin is an added bonus.

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