Who's More Prepared to Lead?

Much has been made of Governor Palin’s hesitation over Charles Gibson’s question about “The Bush Doctrine”. Yet few people even know what “The Bush Doctrine” really is, and Gibson even was wrong when he sneeringly indicated that it means just pre-emptive action against enemies. Overall, the Bush Doctine is much more. So Gibson turns out to be the unenlightened one.

When Gibson asked Palin if she was ready to be vice president or even president, Palin said “absolutely” and that she didn’t blink when asked by McCain to join the ticket. Meanwhile Joe Biden said “Quite frankly, (Hillary) might have been a better pick than me.”

So who would you rather have as either vice president or even president? A hesitant, uncertain Biden or a confident Palin?

Any amateur psychologist will tell you that these people are opposites. And any rational employer would eliminate applicant Biden in favor of applicant Palin on the basis of that answer.

Now look at Obama’s fundraising efforts. His campaign said that the Palin pick energized liberals to contribute to Obama. Imagine that. A woman on the GOP ticket energizing liberals to donate to defeat… a woman!

This exposes the Democrats for who they really are.

These are just several examples of many that the media are ignoring or slanting in their rush to demean the candidate who will be the first woman in the White House.

They are typical of the double standard of the Ancient Media in dealing with Election 2008.

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