9/11 Seven Years On

September 11 is a new anniversary date in American history. For days leading up, newsreels and documentaries recount the tragic events. 9/11 induces somber reflection.

That day changed America and it should have. But then again 9/11 never should have happened. Despite repeated warnings from within and without, a laissez-faire attitude among certain elements in the governing classes led to death and destruction.

It is enlightening to watch the documentaries and to realize how easily these hijackers accomplished their deadly feat. It seems improbable to even contemplate the whole thing.

But it happened.

One of the heroes of 9/11 was British-born Rick Rescorla who became an American citizen, fought in Vietnam and then became security chief for Morgan Stanley, the brokerage firm that had offices in the World Trade Center’s South Tower, the first to fall on 9/11. In 1992, Rescorla warned about the potential for a truck bombing of the Trade Center garage by terrorists. It happened February 26, 1993.

When it failed to bring the buildings down, Rescorla repeatedly warned about a future attack from the air. On September 11, 2001, he died evacuating Morgan Stanley employees.

A minor player in the 9/11 drama was a ticket-counter employee at the airport in Portland, Maine who saw a disturbing hatred and anger in hijacker Mohammed Atta’s eyes as Atta boarded a plane for Boston – to connect up to a flight to Los Angeles – for the mission of a lifetime. But the ticket-taker dismissed his suspicions because in politically-correct America, no one is to be profiled, not even angry-looking Middle Eastern males in their 20s.

Had America been on alert from the 1993 bombing, and had our intel agencies and police forces been on guard, such a feeling about Atta could have led to the tip that nixed the whole operation, or at least part of it.

But the American government under Bill Clinton did nothing after the 1993 attack. They tried the World Trade Center terrorists in civilian courts, treating them as mere criminals. In that venue, the trial revealed lots of information publicly that was helpful to the terrorist network, for instance showing that the US government was tracking bin Laden’s satellite phone calls. The calls stopped immediately.

After 1993, Bill Clinton could have asked his CIA and FBI to cooperate on terrorism. But his deputy attorney general Jamie Gorelick was busy constructing the famous ‘wall’ between the two agencies, further weakening information gathering and sharing. In the meantime, Clinton repeatedly refused to retaliate against terrorist attacks against American interests in the Middle East and Africa. Or even to show much concern.

After all he was busy feeling up Monica Lewinsky in his office.

Just picture that. It is shocking.

Meanwhile, post-1993, the nineteen 9/11 hijackers infiltrated into the US, took flying lessons, moved about freely, took dozens of test flights on commercial airlines and noted each detail, and prepared for an elaborate mission that would have been rejected by Hollywood movie-makers as far too improbable for audience belief.

Of course, the attack itself happened under George Bush’s watch, and Bush bears some minor responsibility. But it was the long-term climate of apathy from 1993 to 2000 that allowed the attacks to occur, leaving Bush blind.

Today the Democrats are playing the same old tricks that led to 9/11. Bill Clinton, knowing his legacy has been irrevocably tarnished, has managed through his friends in the media to shift the spotlight from his failures. The New York Times has revealed every bit of anti-terrorist intel they can. Democrats nationwide wring their hands over the well-being of each militant that we capture. Errors in Iraq and Afghanistan are magnified. Victory is marginalized.

Every terrorist suspect at Guantanamo Bay is defended by liberals, and extended rights that in terrorist nations amount to the lopping off of a head. Our military is disparaged and hounded in the media. President Bush is relentlessly defamed and the Republican party, which has kept us safe from further attacks once deemed inevitable, is classified as a repressive arm of the Old World Order.

Meanwhile elite media ‘experts’ with names like Ford Fessenden of The New York Times appear periodically in the 9/11 documentaries to recount every detail that went wrong that day. This is to shift the spotlight from the fact that it was the media, the Democrats and their friends in the Clinton White House that allowed 9/11 to happen.

There are people who want September 11 to fade into history. Because whenever the events of that day are replayed, people are reminded that the world is a dangerous place. And that always redounds to the benefit of Republicans who care deeply about national security while Democrats see only political opportunity to weaken the nation as they have since the 1960s.

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