The Odd Couple

It has been interesting to watch John McCain and Sarah Palin campaigning together after the Republican convention. Obviously Palin was the best pick and represents the future of conservatism. How did McCain know? Or was it a Hail Mary?

Hard to say. Probably somewhere in between, showing balance in McCain’s thinking.

Commentators who say that McCain now is retreating to the center also are admitting that he really has given conservatives the most treasured gift ever – Sarah Palin and the future of their movement.

As crowds chanted “Sa-RAH! Sa-RAH!” it is hard to imagine the same enthusiasm for “Rom-NEY! Rom-NEY!”

What is amusing is how different McCain and Palin are – truly The Odd Couple – and how thoroughly upbeat their ticket is. They are, in a way, like father and daughter. In Michigan McCain was standing back smiling proudly as Palin offered her stump speech and her rootin’-tootin’ endorsement that had not a syllable out of place. She has fire.

McCain can only be glowing at this dramatic and effective pick. She will help to take the ticket to victory and transform American politics.

Weren’t Americans tired of the Clintons?


Has Obama been overrated and overexposed?


Meanwhile the media and the Obama campaign are showing their usual sour faces, and have been knocked off their stride by Palin. It is interesting to watch liberals deal with a real woman. They are completely at loose ends.

Look at Vietnam veteran/maverick/anti-establishment/military man/reformer John McCain promising to clean up Washington working with Moose-hunter Mom Palin who already has cleaned up Alaska. Both have fought against their own Republican party. This is compelling. While conservatives everywhere believe in the Republican cause, they also wish to root out those in their midst who have undermined it, and to rebuild the movement from within.

Oprah Winfrey apparently has said she will not have Palin on her show. Yet has not her program focused on empowering women? Does this not show how shallow and political Oprah really is, just another celebrity backing a celebrity candidate in Obama?

Palin is McCain’s sharpest and most effective tool ever. As Nikitas3.com has said repeatedly, McCain now can play Grandpa McCain, the wise and lovable old guy who is much savvier than we think, while Palin fires up younger, women, Christian, family-oriented and conservative votes. And men too who are attracted to her beauty. Never before has a vice presidential pick transformed a race so dramatically.

Palin’s elevation has come just at the right time. Conservatives have been worrying who would lead their movement into the future. While there are solid Republicans in Marsha Blackburn, congresswoman of Tennessee, Michelle Bachmann, congresswoman of Minnesota, Mike Pence, congressman from Indiana, and Jon Huntsman, governor of Utah, Palin is the uniting spark that conservatives needs to rekindle their flame.

The media, of course, are furious about Palin and are henpecking her relentlessly. It shows their desperation. She is not their “type” of woman. She does not follow the leftist agenda. And already they are claiming that she is refusing interviews and exposure. Never mind that they were claiming this just seven days after her rollout after she had been completely focused on the convention. This is typical of the media – setting templates that do not exist then writing news stories about them.

It will be fascinating to watch Palin in the most anticipated debate ever in vice presidential history, her one-on-one with Democrat Biden. When Palin was first picked the conventional wisdom was that Biden would chew her up. But that wisdom now is turning 180 degrees because the reality is that Palin is going to put Biden in his place because Biden is a gaffer, a BS-er and a completely overrated Washington insider/blowhard, just the type of politician McCain/Palin is focusing on as the problem in Washington.

And Palin has an atomic bomb in her purse: Obama’s refusal to back the Iraqi troop ‘surge’ that led to victory and then his turnaround admission in an interview with Fox’s Bill O’Reilly that the surge had worked “beyond our wildest dreams”.

When Biden starts to bully Palin on her lack of foreign policy experience, she can reply that presidential candidate Obama has wandered all over the place on the crucial issue of war and peace. It was be a sucker punch that will ache until election day. And the whole nation will be talking about it, further eroding confidence in Obama.

Palin and McCain are easily the most engaging team in memory. She is going to draw huge crowds, and middle America is going to love her and her blue-collar husband, with whom millions already identify. How many high-speed snowmobilers have been in the White House before? Isn’t this what the Founders wanted in public office, real people from the real world?

McCain is being seen in a brighter light than ever after a convention that the media desperately tried to derail over Hurricane Gustav. Once again, it backfired, just as media attacks on Palin have only focused interest in her. Her elevation is the ‘2004 phony Bush National Guard records’ moment of 2008 when the campaign flipped over in favor of Republicans.

McCain is a man who survived a massive explosion and fire on the Navy ship USS Forrestal; survived five-and-a-half years in a Vietnamese prison camp; survived several bouts with cancer and was reported politically dead in summer 2007.

He will survive this campaign too. And with this unlikely running mate from Alaska and her wonderful family in tow, McCain/Palin will transform American politics well into the 21st century.

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