Active Shooter Situation in Douglas County CO

UPDATE: Sheriff’s Office says two are in custody and they no longer believe there is a 3rd suspect. This school did not have a resource officer.

From 9 News: “Littleton Adventist Hospital confirmed receiving five patients. Four are in serious condition and one is in fair condition, according to hospital spokesperson Wendy Forbes. Children’s Hospital Colorado also received a victim at its South Campus location, who is in good condition, according to a hospital spokesperson.”

UPDATE: Possibly an 8th shooting victim now. They are no longer search for another suspect in the school. So far, there are only reports of injuries. ATF and FBI are in route to the scene.

UPDATE: Channel 7 News is now reporting 7 shooting victims.

There is currently an active shooter situation and a STEM school (K-12) in Highlands Ranch, Douglas County, CO (south of Denver). There’s a lot of conflicting information at the moment, but for now it seems that there were 3 shooters. Two of them are in custody. Two injuries are confirmed, but Sheriff’s deputies are still searching room to room for victims, and possible a 3rd suspect.

The sheriff’s office is just a block away. They arrived quickly and immediately entered the school. One victim has a gunshot would in the back, but it appears to be non-threatening. 9 News Denver and Channel 7 Denver are providing regular updates. I will try to update this as it unfolds.