Let's Play "Who's Running For President In 2020"

Every few elections or so when a Republican wins a Presidential election, Democrats suddenly find their inner Federalist. When Democrats are in the office, all that is needed is a pen and a phone. Every new directive is of course required to be followed by every State without objection.

Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper, while doing his best Fred Thompson immitation of testing the Presidential waters has issued a new state Executive Order barring Colorado resources from being used to separate immigrant families. I don’t read fake news, let alone pay for it, so I let The Complete Colorado take the hit for me and let me know what it the Denver Post is reporting.

I’ll save you the paywall fee and tell you that “Hick” as we refer to him has signed an executive order stating that Colorado resources cannot be used to separate illegal immigrant families. My favorite comment from Complete Colorado’s Facebook Page has it right:

Not that resources were being used for that at all to begin with.

“Hickenlooper signs order that does nothing” is equally accurate.

There’s the little problem that the Feds don’t really need Colorado’s permission nor cooperation as they have their own detention facility already in place. It’s not like Homeland Security doesn’t have options.

Those of you who have followed my posting history know I’m one of the few in the middle on the issue of illegal immigration. I know we need to do something, but I think the responsibility for past sins needs to be shared. That doesn’t mean I’m in favor of open borders. On the contrary, I’m not only in favor of a Wall, I think it should be more Grand than the Great Wall of China, and we should sell tickets to visit it to pay for it.

This is little more than grandstanding for Hick’s eventual attempt to unseat Donald Trump in 2020. In reality, Hickenlooper’s entire run in the Governor’s mansion could be summed up by the above comment. He really hasn’t done much of anything since he was elected.