RedState’s WaterCooler! Sunday, 1/22/2017 – Open Thread – Transfer of Power Edition


“The transfer of power is always a test of the constitutional system, a test of its strength.” – Vladimir Putin

The ironic quote above was intentional. Governments come and governments go, some more peacefully than others. Putin has gamed the system in Russia for decades to remain in power.

Gambia’s government may see its first peaceful transfer of power after Barrow defeated Jammeh in their Presidential election.

The electoral chief told journalists it was unique that someone who has ruled a country for so long has accepted defeat and that President Jammeh would announce the official vote count and election winner. This puts tremendous pressure on the president who, before the vote, said only divine intervention would remove him from power and predicted the biggest landslide in Gambia’s history.

Ghana also experienced a peaceful transfer of power after its died.

President John Atta Mills died unexpectedly of throat cancer on Tuesday, but there was no confusion or uncertainly concerning the next step, as Vice President John Mahama was calmly sworn in to replace him only hours later.

Not so the case in the Democratic Republic of Congo. President Joseph Kabila has decided he likes being in power and has refused to call for elections because he is term-limited.

He is refusing to hold an election and cede power, attacking anyone who calls for him to stand down. Despite months of warnings from the US, Britain and the EU that he should organise a free and fair election, and proudly allow for Congo’s first peaceful and democratic transfer of power, he continues to stand firm.

Here in the United States, our transfer of power was mostly peaceful. In typical fashion when Progressives win they mock, and when they lose they riot. Time for the children to go home. I’d love to say the adults are in charge again, but Trump. I suppose we’ll see what happens.

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