Water Cooler 11/13/2016 – OPEN THREAD – Tears for Fears


Sipping on the tears of progressives has been the only positive thing to come out of this election. I’m pretty much convinced that the irrational parents of kids who play sports are all progressives. Their kids only lose due to external forces (cheating, terrible officiating, lousy playing field, etc.). It’s never because their kid is terrible at it.

Protests against Trump and his voters have been erupting around the country. It’s the only thing they know to do… act like toddlers when they don’t get their way. Fortunately, a large number of them are millennials, and one police department found a way to calm the crowd and send them home happy.

“It’s a foreign notion to them. Even in sports—win or lose, everyone won, and everyone got a trophy no matter what. This is the millennial way,” he said. “So I had the idea—hey, why not start handing out participation trophies to the protesters, and telling them ‘Hey, you know what? You may have lost the election, but look—everyone gets a trophy. Everyone’s a winner.’”

Nothing like going home with a participation trophy after enjoying a couple of orange slices and a Capri Sun.

Liberals are lining up to move to Canada (not really), but why not move to Mexico instead?

Beyond the incredible beaches, mezcal and tacos, the country has a lot going for it. These are 7 reasons why I’d rather move to Mexico than Canada.

I’d really love to tell you that was a parody, but no, I can’t tell you that. According to the article, people are pouring across the border into the United States because they want a worse life for their kids. Personally, I think they should all move to North Korea or Venezuela. Those two countries properly show the end state of communism socialism.

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