Water Cooler 10/30/2016 – OPEN THREAD – Lighter International News


9 days until the election disaster. On the lighter side of the news:

James Bond wouldn’t make it in the real world.

No James Bond in the real world? Say it ain’t so!

An intelligence officer in the real MI6 has a high degree of emotional intelligence, values teamwork and always has respect for the law — unlike Mr Bond.

Switzerland tells slightly tipsy volunteer firefighters: Cheers!

Just don’t be over legal limit.

“This change is necessary as rescue and disaster relief organizations today are increasingly dependent on people who are not on duty or on call,” the Swiss Federal Roads Office said in a statement on Wednesday. “The government is addressing the need for the best-possible recruitment of personnel in the event they are needed for unexpected rescue operations.”

Goats guests of honor at Prague rooftop reception.

Rooftop farming in the Czech Republic.

I brought the goats … to have an atmosphere of the farm here, to communicate the idea that roofs should get green.

I’d be a lot more worried about the brown over time…

Chile’s president forgets to sign name at voting booth, leaves behind ID

Voter ID in Chile?

Bachelet (Chile’s President), voting in the upper-middle class Santiago neighborhood of La Reina, first forgot to grab her national identification card from poll workers after casting her vote.

She retrieved the ID from the voting area and then walked outside to address journalists. However, Bachelet had to return to the booth again to sign a voter registry as required by law, after failing to do so in previous voting attempts.

Sounds complicated to me. How can the poor there ever participate?

California woman carrying human skull on stick prompts investigation.

I got nuthin…

A woman in Sacramento, California who this week carried a human skull on a stick through the streets has prompted an investigation into the identity of the deceased and the cause of death, police said on Friday.

Possibly a Trump voter… who knows?

That’s it for today’s Water Cooler. –OPEN THREAD– Mingle amongst yourselves in the comments!