Water Cooler 10/2/2016 – OPEN THREAD – Post-Debate Edition


There have already been couple of spoofs from the debate this past week. Unfortunately it was really a boring affair with nothing of substance from either side and mild attacks, unlike this debate that happened in Georgia:

Apparently one of the candidates accused the other of being a puppet for Vladimir Putin. That’s allegedly true of both of our major party candidates. Watch the moderator. While she’s trying to separate the candidates, she keeps checking/fixing her hair in perfect Ron Burgundy style.

Meanwhile in Israel, Bill Clinton left President Obama waiting on Airforce One. No word on what Bill was doing off camera while everyone was waiting.

And finally, I leave you with the debate factcheck from Cracked.com. It seems to be the most reasonable and fair version I’ve seen so far, showing both candidates to be lying crooks (allegedly).

That’s it for today’s Water Cooler. — OPEN THREAD — Mingle amongst yourselves in the comments.