Water Cooler 9/4/2016 – OPEN THREAD – Government Subsidized News


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G-20 Confrontation in China

There was a major kerfuffle when Obama arrived in Hangzhou China. Apparently they couldn’t agree on which stairs to descend and where the US press could be.

The incident seemed to be part of a tug-of-war between the country’s advance teams, which flared further over who would have the final say about where the U.S. press could be stationed during Obama’s movements within the country.

Not to worry though. The important stuff will still happen.

Despite the turbulence, Obama and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, managed to announce that both nations will formally commit to the declarations of last year’s Paris climate agreement to reduce greenhouse gases.

Obama still plans to make the oceans recede destroy the US economy, and China gets to wait until we do.

Massive Reef Discovered Off Australia’s Coast

A 2,300 sq. ft. doughnut reef has been discovered behind Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The new discovery could be helpful for scientists trying to understand the climate history on the Great Barrier Reef. As the algae lives, dies and calcifies, it forms layer upon layer of fossilized information on about 10,000 years of living conditions in the ocean.

It’s been there a few thousand years and they just discovered it’s much larger than previously thought, but scientists are sure they know what’s going to happen to our climate.

Venezuelans are getting Restless — Even the Natives

Venezuelans took to marching in the streets in Caracas to protest their inability to buy just about everything.

A flood of Venezuelans — supporters of the opposition, unhappy with President Nicolas Maduro — marched in the country’s capital on Thursday, demanding a recall election.

Not to worry though. If the government can just run out the clock long enough, the recall election will happen too late to replace the ruling party.

Journalist Kicked out of Venezuela

An NPR journalist was kicked out of Venezuela along with others prior to the above-mentioned protest march.

I had to sign an official letter declaring myself an “inadmissible person” and add my two thumbprints to the document.

Sounds like something Donald Trump would do.

Mother Teresa Canonized

Mother Teresa was canonized in a Vatican ceremony today. Leave it to NPR to find controversy where there is none.

She did indeed. Some disagreed with her outspoken opposition to birth control and abortion.

Is Christopher Livesay the only person on earth that didn’t know Catholics are opposed to birth control and abortion?

For instance, she took money from Charles Keating, the man behind the infamous savings and loan scandal of the late 1980s.

I’m not sure someone from NPR really has anything to say about taking money from crooks and liars (a.k.a. The Federal Government).

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