Newt Gingrich for President

It’s time. The silly season officially ends tomorrow as we begin to see rhetoric converted to votes. Although the Colorado caucus and primary are not for some time, I felt it was important to select a candidate. I recently wrote a diary with my evaluations of the candidates, so I see no reason to repeat that information here.

As many of you likely expected, I’m endorsing Newt Gingrich for President. I have to admit, I really liked Leon’s Still the Governors diary a couple of days ago. I started this election season supporting a Governor: Tim Pawlenty. I still believe he would’ve been our best candidate, and am sad we missed that opportunity.

Experience matters a lot to me, as I’ve stated around here from the beginning. This is why I immediately discounted the campaigns of Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, and especially Herman Cain. I too wanted a governor, but now that I see what’s left, I just don’t think any of them is the best candidate we can run against Obama. I believe the candidate with the best chance to beat him is Newt Gingrich.

Newt is the one candidate that will be able to stand up to the media onslaught that will be coming. Like it or not, a Presidential candidate in the 21st Century has to be able to do that to succeed. He has a conservative record, including forcing a liberal President towards the center. That he has baggage, there is no doubt, but none that would hurt him in the general election like it has in the primary. He is not the most conservative candidate running, but for me is conservative enough.

I also believe Newt has the ability to shake things up in Washington like no other candidate could. A radical approach is needed, and has the experience to make radical change. He’s the one candidate that has been talking about solutions all along.

On Day One, we will immediately begin to change government so it starts serving the will of the American people.

He’s loyal to the Republican Party; sometimes to a fault. For me, it ultimately it comes down to who can beat Obama, and I really believe Newt is the only one that can. I know a lot of you won’t agree with that, and that’s fine. In the end I have to do what I believe is best for me and my family.

I encourage you to watch this interview. The site doesn’t support embedding, so you’ll have to click through to watch it. It’s almost 30 minutes long, but worth it.

I encourage you to vote for Newt Gingrich, just as I will when it’s my turn. But whatever happens, let’s commit now to work together to elect the eventual Republican candidate, whoever he may be.

Night Twister