Yeah, that’s pretty much it. That should be the singular, loud and clear message from the Republican candidates for President. Sure, the right candidate will have foreign policy experience, executive experience, and a strong understanding of how government works.

Every election is about something, and this one is no different. This election will be about jobs. This is the issue foremost in the minds of the American people. Everyone knows the unemployment numbers, so there’s no reason to repeat them here. President Obama’s approval ratings and reelection prospects are tied directly to this issue.

The successful Presidential candidate in 2012 will win on this issue. Too many good people are without a job that want one, or have a part-time job(s) or a job that pays much less then the one they had before. People have been unemployed or underemployed for much longer than in recent memory, and are tired of waiting for a solution.

Unfortunately, too many Republican candidates are looking for a hook, and too many constituents are looking for a magic bullet. The road to recovery will be a difficult one, requiring a strong leader that will be able to tell us what we need to hear, but in such a way that we support him. People are losing their homes, struggling to take care of their family, and discouraged about their future.

It’s time to get on message, and convince the American people that they are the one to move us forward and bring prosperity back. No Republican candidate has been able to distinguish himself in this way to this date. President Obama has a plan, but his plan brings small short-term results at the cost of even greater long-term consequences. Yet, people are desperate enough to accept a short-term plan over no plan at all. They need a home, they need food, they need a solution now.

Now is not the time for drastic schemes and distractions. It’s time for our candidates to state their plan that will bring prosperity back to our nation, and allow anyone that wants a job to be able to find one. I’m still waiting for a candidate to communicate his plan. It is then, and only then, that I will choose the candidate I want to represent the Republican Party.

Night Twister