Respect for Life

I haven’t weighed in on the situation in Arizona before now, primarily because the dialog afterwards disgusted me. That people would use the deaths of six people including a child for political gain shows to what extent some will go to gain any political advantage. This behavior by those on the left should not come as a surprise. I believe there’s a deep-rooted reason why this response is all to common. The reason the left responds in this fashion is that they have a complete lack of respect for life.

There was a story in the news about three years ago that caught my attention. A woman was stabbed in a convenience store in Kansas. Customers, rather than render aid, actually stepped over her to continue about their business. Some even stopped to take pictures with their cell phones, but no one helped her. She was eventually transported to the hospital where she later died.

I don’t know the political affiliation of the people in this store, but I do know the attitudes about life that come from those on the left. While it’s true that not every liberal is pro-abortion, their platform is specifically and intentionally written with a lack of respect for life. This position permeates their attitudes towards life in every area.

If is their lack of respect for life that allows them to support the abortion machine, support infanticide, apologize for murderers, and yes, blame their opponents for the actions of a madman.

In the same way, the conservative response was generally of prayer for the victims. When respect for life is the foundation of your philosophy, this will always be the proper reaction. Those that think we can ignore or compromise on life are wrong. It is the one area where we cannot give ground. If conservatives ever lose this foundation, we will lose the most important distinction that we have, and our nation will truly be lost and beyond hope.

Respect for life is not just about fighting against abortion, but it begins and ends there with the most vulnerable victims of all. Our founding fathers knew the nature of men, and created a system of government best suited to restrain the worst within us. They understood that, but for the Grace of God, there go I.

Night Twister