Dan Maes: A "Sworded" Campaign

Ross Kaminsky at the People’s Press Collective brings humor to what has become the Colorado Governor’s race.

The only people left that don’t know it’s over for Maes are him, his family, and supporters who’ve gone so far down the road there’s no turning back. Here’s a recap for those of you that haven’t been following this race.

1. Dan Maes can’t raise money.

2. Maes beats McInnis in the Republican Primary, mostly because many Republicans couldn’t pull the lever for either one.

3. Evidence comes out that Maes was never the successful businessman he claimed to be.

4. Evidence comes out that Maes padded his resume by misrepresenting his involvement in a case while a member of the Kansas Police Department.

5. Maes plays fast and loose with campaign finance law.

6. Maes blames the victim in an attack on Tom Tancredo.

7. A Maes supporter insinuates Tancredo tried to cut an illegal deal with Maes.

8. Maes is his campaign’s 2nd-largest expenditure.

9. Oh, and Maes can only raise 1/10th the money Tancredo has raised in the same time period.

It’s too late to get Maes off the ballot, but it’s not too late to elect someone that will govern Colorado immeasureably better than John Hickenlooper, and that’s Tom Tancredo. In the latest Rasmussen poll, Tancredo has pulled within four points of Hickenlooper.

If it makes you feel any better Dan, we’ll call it a draw. Just do us a favor and roll aside so we can complete our quest to the Governor’s mansion.

Night Twister