It is Time to Get Behind Dan Maes

Erick Erickson just posted a front page diary saying it’s time for Dan Maes to go. The time for Maes to drop out was about a month ago. If he didn’t do it then, he’s certainly not going to do it now. Even if he did, his name would remain on the ballots that have already gone out. The only candidate that has any sort of support structure in place is someone too many people say they wouldn’t vote for anyway.

The larger issue here though is whether we abandon our principles just because we have a terrible candidate. What I’m referring to is, Conservative in the primary, Republican in the general. Do we really mean that, even in a worst-case scenario such as this one? Dan Maes was selected as the Republican candidate for Governor by the majority of Republican voters in the primary election. Are we really going to abandon everything that’s been talked about over the past years and get behind Tom Tancredo after he kicked our Party to the curb and contributed to this mess?

I took a lot of grief on this site during the Senate primary election when I wouldn’t get behind the RS and Tea Party favorite Ken Buck. I eventually voted for Jane Norton, because I believed she would have a better chance against Michael Bennet. I still believe I was right because Buck continues to struggle to pull away in a race that should have been a slam dunk. Regardless, once the race was over I let it go and will vote for Ken Buck in the general election. He wasn’t my choice, but he was the choice of the majority of the Republican voters in Colorado, and it is my duty to respect that choice and remain loyal to the Party. You say it’s not the same situation? Of course it isn’t. But how bad does a candidate have to be to decide we have to kick them to the curb? There are other candidates out there that are going to get trounced because they aren’t very good, but no one’s jumping ship on them.

Neither Dan Maes nor Tom Tancredo will win this election. Neither one has shown any willingness to put the needs of the citizens of Colorado over their own egotistical needs. But there’s a larger issue at stake. According to the voter laws in Colorado, if the candidate for Governor for the GOP does not gain at least 10% of the votes, the party will lose it’s Majority status on the ballot. That means all GOP candidates will be given minority party status for all elections for four years. That’s everything from local state House member to the Presidential candidate in 2012. Even though it shouldn’t be the case, the order of names on the ballot matters. The Democrat candidate for every election in Colorado for the next four years will be first on the list, and the GOP candidate will be mixed in with the Libertarians, Greens, etc.

The time for Dan Maes to do the right thing has passed. That’s unfortunate, but it is what it is. It’s time for Republicans to do the right thing now, in spite of the egotistical actions of Dan Maes and Tom Tancredo, and that is to get behind and vote for Dan Maes for Governor.

Night Twister