Elections Have Consequences

Below is an actual letter sent out last week to the employees of a company doing business in Colorado. It is presented without comment. The names of the company and the individuals have been redacted.


When people say elections don’t matter, that their vote doesn’t count, and that they cannot make a difference – they are wrong!

In the past few weeks and months we’ve seen a series of legislative efforts that will, in short order, result in a number of increases in expenses, and decreases in revenues, for ______. Passage of the Obama Health Care Bill by Congress will result in a huge six figure hit to ______’s bottom line; without offering any modifications to our existing health insurance offerings for qualified staff members. Passage of legislation in Colorado this past week, last week’s implementation of new regulations in Kentucky, and legislative modifications elsewhere will all reduce ______’s revenues in the payday loan arena.

I’ve personally witnessed ____ and ____ wrestle with the financial ramifications associated with these many outside political efforts that will adversely impact the entire company’s profitability. It’s been an agonizing few months and the new Colorado payday loan law was the final straw. It became clear that changes must be made on the corporate level.

When I came to ______ I pledged to both ____ and ____ that I would always do my level best on behalf of the company; that I would always put the company first. After looking at the numbers it became clear we need to make adjustments to our payroll. We have many good and wonderful people here at ______ and none of us wants to have to lay anyone off. Those are the most painful of business decisions.

Given the five million dollars they pay me annually (that’s a joke) I realized I could assist the company’s bottom line by removing myself from the payroll. However, like anyone else, I have my own pile of bills to pay. But, unlike many others, I have some outside options.

This morning I informed ____ that I would like to take 2 to 3 weeks off to explore some of those options. One option is related to a call I received in March from several investors in ______ who approached me to consider managing a new financial services company they expect to launch this fall. I will be traveling west, in the coming days, to better evaluate that option.

I’m anticipating a return to Fort Collins after Memorial Day and tendering my resignation. In the meantime I will work with ____ and the District Managers to ensure a smooth transition. If I do leave the staff of ______, I trust my bride of 27 years will leave her position with ______ and follow me west. ____ and I have asked that she be given an opportunity for her to train a possible replacement. If we remain, ______ would benefit from a second person trained to fulfill those duties, if ____ could not. If we leave, her replacement would be ready to fill her shoes.

If this scenario unfolds as I believe it will, ____ will be filling my shoes. I believe he can handle the job (with the able assistance of 7 awesome District Managers) and I heartily recommend him for a “promotion” to this very enjoyable position of working with District Managers and Store Staff on a daily basis. Enjoyable?

You bet! I’ve had a wonderful time working with and for each of you; and wish the very best for you all. This “______ Experience” has been rewarding and the friends I’ve earned in the process will bless me to the day I die.

In parting, let me leave you with an extremely important message. Elections Do Count! Don’t vote for slogans or a pretty smile. Local, State, and National leaders need to be elected based up the merits of their positions and the content of their character.

All the Best!

Your friend,


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