Colorado Democrats Read the Tea Leaves, Change the Rules in the 4th Quarter

Colorado Democrats, unable to make up any ground in the polls, have found another way to perpetuate their existence. They have proposed legislation that would re-vamp the voter registration laws in Colorado. From the Denver Post’s Jessica Fender,

Among the provisions in the still-under-construction legislation: allowing same-day voter registration; pre-registering 16-year-old Coloradans; requiring a mail ballot unless communities opt out; and allowing third parties to collect and deliver completed ballots.

Republican Senator Greg Brophy sees this power play for exactly what it is,

Making such sweeping changes just months before the election is tantamount to changing the rules of the game in the fourth quarter. This just doesn’t pass the smell test.

For those that think this proposal isn’t filled with possibilities for voter fraud, Brophy continues,

Brophy said the measure being mulled over would also make it easier for people to vote twice since it requires even major elections be done via mail-in ballot unless citizens opt for physical polling places. Another major concern is that third party organizations would be allowed to collect ballots from voters and deliver them at a later date. This means organizations like ACORN could collect ballots from voters and then hold onto them for up to 10 days.

Sen. Dave Schultheis, R-Colorado Springs also expressed concern that the proposal would make it easier for illegal immigrants to vote.

You can’t even rent a movie at Blockbuster without showing an ID, and now we want to make it easier for people to vote without even giving the state enough time to verify who they are or whether they are here legally.

The Democrats know they’re in trouble in Colorado. Poll after poll shows their power eroding around them, from the state Senate and House to the Governor’s mansion and at least three Congressional districts.

If they are successful in pushing these changes through, it’s very likely that they could solidify their power in the state, and it would be extremely difficult to change that any time in the foreseeable future.

Scott Gessler, candidate for Secretary of State said,

State Democrats deliberately timed this bill until a few weeks before the end of the legislative session, in order to limit debate and jam through hundreds of changes at the last minute. This is a Chicago-style political power play.

Apparently, the democrats here have learned well from their fearless leader in Washington.

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