Alan Grayson is a Cry Baby

Congressman Alan Grayson (FL-08) has asked Eric Holder to investigate Angie Langley, founder of the website MyCongressmanIsNuts.com for election law violations. How exactly could free speech be characterized as a violation of election law? Well, according to Grayson, Langley does not live within his district, and has therefore lied to election officials. That’s right, because the website name is mycongressmanisnuts.com, she’s perpetuating a lie.

Will Eric Holder declare MyCongressmanIsNuts to be a Hate Group, and prosecute everyone involved including Langley? Not only has he asked the Attorney General to investigate her, but he’s also found her guilty and wants her fined and imprisoned for five years. Grayson is now assuming the roles of all three branches of government all by himself. Perhaps that is why his own website is called MyCongressmanHasGuts.com.

Besides the fact that MyCongressmanIsNuts.com is obvious parody, which has been upheld as protected speech for a long time, Grayson’s shallow attempt to silence his critics rings hollow. Just watch the video for yourself.

I agree with Langley. Alan Grayson is nuts. Central Florida residents need to get rid of this guy in 2010. You can help by donating and getting involved at MyCongressmanIsNuts.com

Night Twister