Illegal Aliens' Constitutional Rights Violated

The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled today that authorities in Weld County violated the rights of illegal immigrants when they seized their tax records during an identity theft investigation. This is yet another example of liberals legislating from the Bench in Colorado. The Washington Times has more on the story, including some quotes from Congressman Tom Tancredo.

This state supreme court is by far the most willing to [make findings] based on the strength of the political argument . . . and it’s been that way for years.

Other examples of unconstitutional rulings from this Kangaroo Kourt include:

* Unconstitutional Property Tax Increases (Mill Levy Tax Freeze)
* Unconstitutional elimination of Tax Credits & Exemptions (tobacco tax exemption, etc.)
* Unconstitutionally re-defining Taxes as Fees (Colorado Car Tax, Ritter Gun Tax)
* Unconstitutional expansion of eminent domain property seizures (Telluride Land Grab)
* Unconstitutional usurpation of legislative power (judicial redistricting)

Fortunately, here in Colorado there’s something we can do about it. Matt Arnold heads an organization called Clear the Bench Colorado. Supreme Court Justices must be approved by the voters to retain their seats. Justices Michael Bender, Alex Martinez, Nancy Rice and Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey need to be removed from the bench. Most voters ignore judicial ballot issues, but these can be some of the most important votes cast.

If you are in Colorado, check out Clear the Bench Colorado to see where you can get involved.

Night Twister