Diggs Brown Joins CO-4 Race

Diggs Brown formally announced his candidacy for the Fourth Congressional District of Colorado at the Best Western Hotel in Loveland Colorado on Saturday, Nov. 16th. Many in the district have been waiting for Diggs to return from his tour in the Army and announce his candidacy. There was a good turnout at the event to welcome Diggs home and cheer him on into the race for CD-4.

I had a chance to sit down with Diggs yesterday for a short meet & greet. Diggs has finished his commitment to the military and is ready now to fight in Washington for the people of Colorado. He’s been reading the daily intelligence reports and is concerned for the safety of our nation. He’s also concerned with the government takeover of industry that’s happened in the past year, and how much we and our children will have to be taxed to pay for the out-of-control spending that’s going on.

I will have a more in-depth interview with Diggs in a month or two, as well as the other candidates for CD-4 that are running. Check out Diggs’ new website to see the issues that are important to him and Coloradans.

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