Obscene Executive Salaries

There is an alarming situation occurring in the Education Industry right now that is causing great concern. I am of course referring to the obscene salaries that are currently drawn by University Presidents across the country which has turned a record number of them into millionaires. Even as the government continues bail out these institutions year after year, the compensation packages for their executives continues to increase. The time has come to hold these people accountable and stop the theft of taxpayer money. The American people are outraged at having to subsidize the obscene amounts of money these executives are taking in, while many of their less fortunate counterparts at smaller schools are left out in the cold.

In addition to the government money pouring into these universities, private contributions continue to increase even in a downturn economy. Even our own Governor, the unethical Bill Ritter, realizes the importance of education and has been increasing the amount of money going to our universities here in Colorado by hiring more and more state employees at the universities during a hiring freeze. This is happening even as our local universities continue to fail. While the rich get richer, the poor are held down without any real opportunity to improve their lot.

There must be a czar or two in Obama’s Administration that can put a stop to this travesty. It simply isn’t right that those who do the work aren’t rewarded while the Executives pull down huge salaries while benefiting from their hard work. I call on President Obama to cut the salaries of these executives that continue to fail their institution while continuing to pull in billions of taxpayer bailout dollars.

Crossposted at Night Twister